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Top 10 Internet Browser of 2012

List Of Top 10 browsers Of 2012

Hello guys,now I’m going to show you the list of  top 10 browsers of 2012. This is a technological world or in other words we can say that this is the advanced era of technology.There are so many outstanding and tremendous browsers are available and every browsers have their own capability such as designing layout and their functionality and performance.

Basically Browsers are software applications.It is used to display information on world wide web and it also display images ,video and so many other files . Today’s browsers can display JavaScript, AJAX and HTML pages.There are different kind of browsers are available for web applications ,mobiles and games.

There so many browsers that supports multimedia such as sound  and video,this type of browsers also supports plug-ins.

Top 10 Browsers Of 2012

1.) Google Chrome

Top Internet Browsers for 2012

This one is the best browser online.We can say that it is the father of  all other browsers and this one is the no 1 in the list of top 10 browsers.Chrome is one of mine favorite and i always used it.Its performance is awesome and designing layout is also good.It combines minimal design with sophisticated technology  that makes web performance faster.

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2.) Mozilla Firefox 

Top Internet Browsers for 2012

This one is in the  second position in the list of top 10 browsers.It is very secure and tremendous.Its addons  makes it unique  from other browsers.It is full featured and awesome browsers. It comes with pop up blocking ,privacy control and multi tab browser etc.You can accomplish task easily with the installation of script called grease monkey.

3.) Internet Explorer

good internet browser top

Internet is in third position in the list of  top 10 browsers,this one is the best and secure  and simplest browsers.It is strongly recommended  to use internet explorer to open bank payment and government websites .It comes with smart address bar, improved privacy protection etc.

4.) Opera

fastest computer internet browser

Opera take forth place in the list of top 10 browsers,this one is the best and secure .This one is the popular in mobiles and tablets .It offers many features like on page synchronization, synchronization on bookmark in PCs  and also in mobile phones. Opera unite makes it easy to share files,audio,video and it is very customization .It comes with beautiful skin and design layout.

5.) Apple Safari

Top Internet Browsers with good speed

safari is an Apple product and this one is the best for mobiles and tabs.It used in iPhone especially MAC OS.It supports so many good features like smart address field,HTML support,enhanced keyboard navigation etc.It is compatible with windows like XP /VISTA and window 7/8 also.

6.) Maxthon

Top Internet Browsers Best

It take sixth position in the list of  top 10 browsers.It a china based browser basically,It supporting feature like drag and  drop,it is very customization and secure.It has good user interface.You can access any website  using just by dragging its URL from any email.The bad thing about it that it is not so fast but secure.

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7.) Rocketmelt

Rocketmelt takes seventh position in this list .It supports features like built in chat,website updates,sharing and instant search.It supports other features such as alert from your favorite website,bookmark and better search result also.It supports chrome extensions, Apps,feeds etc.Facebook messenger is integrated  into this browser and you can  chat with your friends while browsing.


SeaMonkey takes 8th position in this list,this supports many feature like IRC chat,newsgroup client,advanced email,HTML made easy.

9.) DeepNet Explorer

This takes 9th position in this tremendous list and this is the first browsers that fully integrated P2P file sharing capabilities and it also support built-in RSS/ATOM news reader.

10.) Avant Browser

Avant takes last and seventh position in this list and this one is same as internet explorer with advanced zoom options up to 500%  and it has tabbed browsing also.It has better search result,blocks pop up ads and its speed is similar to IE8.

 This is the list of top 10 browsers of 2012,i hope you just liked it but if  by mistake i missed out any then please let me inform and share  your ideas and transparent thoughts with me.

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