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How to Speed Up Windows 8 Easily?

Today, we are going to post about Speed Up Windows 8 easily which will help you to Boost Windows 8 Speed.

Are you facing problems with your windows 8 slow start up? Well, it has been seen that due to a lot of software’s running at start up results in increased boot time and decreased performance of your PC.

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So, if you are facing these problems then here is a solution, here in this post we will be going through some steps that will surely help you to speed up Windows 8 Operating System, just what you have to do is follow the given instruction. So, here are some tips to improve your windows 8 performance and boost its Speed.

Speed Up Windows 8

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Tutorial to Speed UP Windows 8 Performance?

Below we have given the perfect tutorial on how to speed up Windows 8 performance which will help you to boost Windows 8 Speed easily, just follow the below given guide and we are done.

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  1. Open your desktop.
  2. And then click the Win key.
  3. After pressing the Win key you will get the start or welcome screen for windows 8.
  4. Now if you don’t have windows 8 or if you have Win 7 or XP installed.
  5. Then you just have to press start button and search for msconfig option.
  6. For windows 8 you just have press the Win key and then after coming to the welcome screen just hold the windows key and press w.
  7. Then you will see sub menu appears for searching.
  8. You will be able to see three options there as apps, settings and files.
  9. Remember that you have to select apps option.
  10. After doing this you can easily go to the search bar and write msconfig.
  11. After writing ms-config you will come to see a search result comes up as system configuration.
  12. After getting this option just click the option.
  13. Then you will see that it opens you desktop and shows an option as system configuration.
  14. You will be seeing 5 options there as general, boot, services, startup, tools.
  15. Just go and select the option startup.
  16. After clicking the start-up option it gives you a prompt as “to manage startup items, use the section of the task manager”
  17. And under this message you can see an option as open task manager.
  18. Just click on that respective option.
  19. Your task manager will open up.
  20. When your task manager opens up you will see many of the unwanted software’s which are running at the startup and causing your PC to increased Windows 8 boot speed and decreased your Windows 8 PC performance.
  21. To get out of this problem just look for those software’s which you don’t want at your startup to run.

Windows 8 Performance

So, just go to that unwanted software’s and hit right click and click disable option. It will be removed from Windows 8 startup.

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Remember one thing that please do not disable any of the important drivers for windows 8 or your PC or laptop.

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And when you are done with it. Close the task manager as you will not get any of these problems again now you will see a boost up to your Windows 8 PC with no increased boot and decreased performance.

So, these were some of the important points and remember please do not leave any instruction as to boost or speed up Windows 8 performance.