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How to Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Lots of people ask this question in forums on the internet that how to install Android OS on PC or computer whether it is Windows, MAC or Linux. I must say, having Android OS is only good in smartphones as it is developed truly for them (not for computers) but there is no harm in trying how Android feels like in a computer.

There are lots of methods discovered and developed till now using which Android OS installation can be done on PC or computer but still I prefer one old but very genuine method.

Install Android OS on PC via VirtualBox

I’m talking about software here which is the VirtualBox from Oracle.  This software allows installing of other operating system on a host OS without dealing into the actual booting. The software takes on the booting and all other things on its own and allows users to check on other OS without actually installing them.


If you’ve tried installing two OS on a single PC before then you’ve either did it with dual boot method or by VirtualBox and now hopefully our current problem can be solved by using VirtualBox only.

Yes, Android OS on PC or computer can be installed using VirtaulBox and this method is my favorite one because of its simplicity. I didn’t found any bugs in the method while trying Android OS on PC.

So you ready to install Android OS on PC or computer? I already mentioned that the method will work on all Windows, MAC and Linux OS.

Steps to Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Follow these steps to start the installation of Android OS on PC. But before I must tell you that using this method you’ll be allowed to install Android 4.0.4 OS as only this OS is compatible right now. As soon as I found method to install Jelly Bean then I’ll definitely share it with you guys so stay tune to our blog.

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Install Android OS on PC via VirtualBox

  1. First download the VirtualBox on your computer. Download the version which is compatible with your PC’s OS. Once download is complete then install it. Don’t worry installation is very comfortable.
  2. Now go to the VMLite source to download Android 4.0.4 OS on your computer. It weighs about 88MB so make sure your PC has got good internet connection otherwise the download will take longer time.
  3. Once the Android OS is downloaded then extract the file downloaded and within the extracted folder you’ll find file named “Android-v4.vbox”, just double click on that now.
  4. Click on the Start button in the VirtualBox. Oh I forget to tell you that once you double click that file then it will open in VirtualBox. Click start to begin the installation.

Install Android OS on PC

That’s it! The process will finish soon depending upon the processing speed of your PC or computer.

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Once the process is complete then you’re done installing Android OS on PC or computer.

I already told you that the method will work on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. So get on to your system now and enjoy Android OS on PC.