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Top New FB Stickers for Facebook Chat [How to Use?]

Facebook has recently started providing FB Stickers in the chat box. These FB stickers can be used to send to our friends via chat box. Un fortunately the FB stickers are only available in Chat but I hope Facebook to allow them in comment and status also.

Anyways, whether Facebook provide stickers in chat and status or not, this is not our concern today rather we’re going to talk about new FB stickers for Facebook chat which were recently shown up.

What are New FB Stickers?

You remember your child hood days? When you use to play with stickers of cartoons or different faces?

Yes, the same kind of concept has been applied by the Facebook here. Facebook now allows users to use preloaded FB stickers to send them to their friends. These stickers are very rich in graphics and sends instantly.

Earlier users were allowed only to send preloaded few smileys or put some code (emoticons and smiley) in the chat box. Facebook found this that users desperately needs such emoticons so they started off providing emoticons and smileys in form of new FB stickers.

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How to use new FB stickers for Facebook Chat?

By default there are two types of FB stickers are available along with traditional smileys. But if you want to have more stickers then you can shop for more and there is a long list of FB stickers available and that too for free. Here I start the tutorial on How to use new FB stickers for Facebook chat.

  1. Open the Facebook chat box for any of your friend and then click on the smiley option which is there at the bottom right corner.
  2. A new popup will open and now you can choose any sticker or old smiley to send. Just click on any of them and the sticker will be sent automatically.
  3. You can get more stickers for free by shopping for them. Click the basket at the top right corner in that popup and you’ve to click on “Free” button to install any of the FB sticker package.

New FB Stickers Store

Using them is very simple. Once you use a sticker package for first time then stickers will take some time to get loaded completely but once they are loaded then you don’t need to reload them again. Simply open the chat box and start sending them.

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I found using FB stickers really amazing and the top new FB stickers for Facebook chat that I liked are added below.

 Top New FB Stickers for Facebook Chat

Hope you also like using new FB stickers. Let me know what you think about this move from Facebook via your valuable comments.