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How To Use Samsung Galaxy S4 As TV Remote Control

Today we are here with one fantastic tutorial which you will surely love i.e how you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV Remote Control following just few steps?

The smart apps or features (whatever you say) are the main reason behind the successful campaigns of the Samsung Galaxy S4. There are lots of unique apps included in the Galaxy S4 which are there in no other smartphone yet (Galaxy S3, Note II have most of them).

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The one unique app Galaxy S4 has the universal TV remote. Well, it can’t be said to be completely unique but still the features this app got are very high standard than all others. But the question comes here is how to use and set up your Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV remote control?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Remote controller

Those who are having any kind of trouble while setting up their Galaxy S4 as TV remote control can go through the tutorial down here, I’ve tried my best to keep the tutorial simple and working.

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Tutorial to turn Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV remote control

You must have sign in to your Samsung account on your device, if not yet then do sing in because the tutorial will require that. Once you got in to your Samsung account login then go along the steps mentioned below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 TV Remote

  • Open the WatchON app which is pre installed in every Galaxy S4 device.
  • Once you’re in the app then it will ask for few setups. First you’ve to select your country from the list available there.
  • Now it will ask your zip code so enter than and move on by clicking Done.
  • Now it’s time to select the TV brand, select the brand name and then point your device in front of the TV.
  • You’ll see a power button, press it and wait for about 10-12 seconds. Make sure your TV is powered on otherwise you’ve to turn on the TV then press power button on device and wait for 10-12 seconds.
  • Now you’ve to enter the device name by which you’re getting channels i.e. TV connection or the cable connection. It may be satellite connection as well and there must be one set top box. Enter the asked information according to the things you’re having with your TV set.
  • Now enable the Infra Red by tapping on to More Info and then the setup will finish after asking you for few more finalizing settings.

That’s it! The process was long but simple, right? Now you can sit on your couch and control your TB from your Galaxy S4. You don’t have to search for the TV remote (it happens many time in case it get lost) as you’ve learned the way to use Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV remote control.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 As TV Remote Control

There is one more feature in this app which is it personalizes the TV channels you want to see according to what kind of channels or not. Yes, the app is into your world to show you perfect movies and TV shows which you always admire to. There is also a provision to add more TVs to this remote inside your Galaxy S4 device. You just have to look for the “Add room” option in the settings.

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So folks, this was the simplest way to use Samsung Galaxy S4 as TV control and now I think lots of TV related problems will be removed. Do share your views via valuable comment down here. Also stay updated with our blog as we are always coming with new posts and unique tutorials.