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How To Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 To PC or Computer?

Today in this post we have a great tutorial on connecting Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC via USB or Bluetooth, well read out while post to know the complete tutorial.

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There is a long story behind everything which Galaxy SIV can do or everything which can be done with Galaxy SIV. This is a real smartphone which is indeed a life companion. Those who already own the Samsung Galaxy S4 got lots of questions to ask and troubles to get solved. As there are lots of things that can be done in the device so people get confused. One major thing I’ve seen users asking is the, how to easily connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC or computer.

This is a common problem and it becomes hectic for those who are not tech geeks or new to the smartphones. As you got here searching for the solution, so you must be a victim too. Don’t worry I’m going to share the right and simple tutorial on how to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC here. Just be with me till the end!

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 To PC or Computer?

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Well, there are two ways by which Samsung Galaxy S4 can be connected to PC or computer or yes the laptop. Whether you got Mac or Windows or Linux the method will work. There may be few minor changes you notice but you’ll be able to find out the way easily. If you fail then comment it down your problem and I’ll help you out for sure.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC via USB

When you bought this device then you must have seen a USB cable in the box. Now you’ve to use that USB cable to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC. Follow these simple steps,

Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC via USB

  1. If you running on Windows then first download the USB drivers for Galaxy SIV but if running on OS X then no need to have them.
  2. Install the downloaded USB drivers and connect the USB cable to Galaxy SIV and one of the USB port in PC.

That’s it! The device will be shown up in the My Computer or at the home screen. You can now do whatever you wanted to after connecting the device with the PC.

Method 2 – Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to Computer via Bluetooth

This method will only work if your computer or laptop has got Bluetooth feature. Don’t worry about the Galaxy S4 as it already got that. Now follow the steps mentioned below.

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Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to Computer via Bluetooth

  1. Start the Bluetooth of Galaxy SIV and computer or laptop.
  2. From the computer, search for the device and when you find your device then pair it up. Make sure that your device is visible. The pairing will not require any panic things to do so don’t worry.
  3. Once your device is paired with the computer then you can have access to that.

That’s it! It was so simple guys.

It depends on you which way suits you. You can go with any method as both works fine and never forget that your device is a real gem. And I hope by now you must have connected your Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC or Computer using our guide.

So folks, for any other concern, you can any time contact us by putting down your reason for concern in the comment section below. If you enjoy the tutorial then don’t forget to share it.