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How To Connect HTC One To TV – Extremely Simple!

Here is another latest article in our mobile category and we are posting about how to easily connect HTC One to TV with few simple steps. Lets see little bit introduction and then the working tutorial.

HTC One is one of the best smartphone which is giving hard competition to Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone and such mobiles. It has been launched few months ago and since its launch it has became the gem smartphone for the company. Recently even Google launched the HTC One with the stock Android i.e. now it’s like a Nexus device. It has got a TV Out feature via MHL port using which you can connect HTC One to TV and today we have provided tutorial on the same.

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The process is pretty simple and didn’t require much effort. Let me tell you few things about this awesome Smartphone and also about the procedure to connect HTC One to TV.


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Benefits of Connecting HTC One to TV

HTC One has got 4.7 inch full HD resolution display and as it supports full HD videos so users find comfortable to keep that high quality videos in their Smartphone. But sometimes it feels like the display isn’t too good to watch a video or movie (even the 4.7 inch). In this situation we need to think of connecting our device with our LCD or LED or the TV (if it got the HDMI port). They knew that users demand of this feature so they already provided the TV out port in the HTC One that can be used to connect HTC One to TV.

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Connect HTC One To TV using MHL Adapter

You can play any video or movies or see picture galleries on your television display. You can simply sit on the couch with your family, connect in the HTC One with TV and that’s it. You don’t need any pen drive or any cable connection to watch movies in this way.

Best way to use this feature is that if you have an internet connection (at least 1mbps) then you can watch live videos from YouTube or watch any movie online and it will be shown on your TV directly. So there is so much fun of using HTC One with your TV.

Simple Steps to Connect HTC One to TV

Here I start with the tutorial on how to connect HTC One to TV. Make sure you don’t miss out any steps as they are extremely simple.

Connect HTC One To TV

  1. Buy a Media Link HD (MHL) cable/adapter. It doesn’t come with the device and you’ve to purchase it additionally from HTC store.
  2. Start your device and Television
  3. Connect the HTC One with that cable and put in the other end of the cable in the HDMI port of the TV.
  4. Now move in to the Television input settings and change it to the HDMI or adapter cable.

That’s it! Now you can watch your content stored on your HTC One on TV.

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