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How To Use Smart Scroll On Samsung Galaxy S4

Today I’m going to talk about Smart Scroll feature here and I’ll guide you to use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4, the tutorial is very easy to follow and mentioned steps too.

Samsung provided two exciting features in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone which are really impressive. The two features of which I’m talking here are the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. Both these features depend on the display and are really useful.

First of all let me tell you what this feature is all about and then I’ll guide you later on how to use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4

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What is Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4?

Well, it’s a unique feature which comes with only high end Android flagship Samsung Galaxy devices and Galaxy S4 is one of them. This feature is used to provide you a perfect reading experience as it works on the web pages. The feature also works with the emails.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Scroll

Think of you’re using your Android device and either reading an email or reading any webpage of a website on the internet using the browser. Now in order to scroll down the page you need to use your finger and pull the page up while to scroll down you need to pull it down. This is what the traditional way of scrolling at a touch screen smartphone.

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But what Smart Scroll does is let you go through emails and web pages without touching the display at all. You even don’t need to point your finger out at it.

Yes, it is possible but only in case of high end Android Galaxy devices like Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now let me tell you the method to use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4.

How to use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to use Smart Scroll On Samsung Galaxy S4 and you’ll find yourself expert in using this handy feature, it’s very simple.

How to use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. First go the settings or pull down the notification bar.
  2. Now if you’re in settings then go to the Smart Screen option there and if you’re at notification bar then scroll to the right hand side and there you’ll find Smart Scroll option.
  3. If you’re at the settings menu then click on Smart Scroll and enable it while on the notification bar it can be enabled by simply touching on it.
  4. Now choose the setting how you want to use this feature either by tilting your device or your head. If you use the first one then to scroll on any web page you need to tilt your device while in other case you need to tilt your head.

That’s it! Isn’t it simple?

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Unfortunately the head tilting option doesn’t work in low light condition even in average light condition. So do note it down.

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