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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4?

After posting about Sony Xperia Z we are here with tutorial on how to easily hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 with few simple steps. Keep on reading to know more.

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Well, Samsung Galaxy S4 is a real gem in the smartphone line up and it got millions of customers already within the two months of launch. If you’re also the owner of the S4 then you must have came up with a little problem which is there in every mobile phone or smartphone. Situation comes when we have to reset our mobile phone to get it back to the factory reset condition. There can be many reason for this situation but the question comes here is the how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is where we’re going to help you out and will guide you to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 so that you get your device clean as its new. The benefit of doing this is that it clears the entire storage of your device (even your settings) and the device turns into a new phone. This removes all the junks or viruses or malwares (if any) from the device and the problems which you’re facing off all get removed.

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Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

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Need of doing Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

As the smartphones are meant to be used for internet connectivity so the chances of getting viruses and malwares are very high. When it comes to Android, the chances of getting viruses and malwares are even higher than any other platform because it’s an open source platform. Now, your Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone and runs Android so chances of getting infections are just doubled.

doing Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Once you get any of them in your device then you’ll find that you’ll not be able to use your device as before i.e. the normal functioning will be affected.

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Benefits of Doing Factory Reset Galaxy S4

If you too are getting annoyed with any problem that is not getting solved with all the methods known to you then the last thing left for you to do is hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4. This will clear all the storage so there will be no infection left in the device. Even if you take your device to customer service center then they too do the same and if the problem gets solved then they return the device to you.

Now if you can do it by yourself then why to reach customer service center and waste money. I’m telling you doing hard reset is very easy and Android which is there on your Galaxy S4 has made the process further easy.

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Now if you’re a developer or know about how Android works then you can move into the developer mode and can wipe out the data and do the hard reset but I’ll tell you the simplest method as that method is little complicated for normal user.

Steps to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

In order to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4, follow the steps mentioned here.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Move into the Application launcher or Menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Now go in to the Accounts.
  4. Now select, “Backup and reset”.
  5. Click on the “Factory data reset” option.

That’s it! Now the smartphone is hard reset. But note this that you’ll lose all your data so it is mandatory to keep the backup and scan the backup for viruses or malwares with an antivirus before doing factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S4.

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