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How to Setup Google DNS on Windows PC?

Here we are going to post tutorial for setting up Google DNS on your Windows Computer. After giving short introduction I started with main post.

Everyone wants the fastest possible internet speed and that too without upgrading their current plan. I shouldn’t call everyone in the previous sentence but about 90% of the internet users are true with that statement.

Hopefully, it can be done and users can increase their internet speed with their current internet connection by using some DNS service. Here I’m with a guide for you that will make you learn about how to setup Google DNS on windows PC. Please read the whole post which is given below so as to gain full knowledge about it.

Why I’m recommending Google DNS here? The reason is that it’s from Google and secondly it works in most of the cases it is used. Few years back Google started providing public DNS service for internet users for free. Users can use it to access internet and they will experience increase in their browsing speed.

Setup Google DNS

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What is Google DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and this system denotes a name to the IP address so that users can remember websites easily. If DNS wasn’t there then users have to remember IP addresses of each website and it would have been very difficult.

Google started providing free public DNS for all internet users few years back and it can be used to surf internet with your current internet connection but you’ll see increase in data speed and that’s why I’m recommending here to use that.

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Setting up Google DNS on Windows PC

Using Google DNS is very safe but you must have internet security program i.e. antivirus installed in your system because it’s a public so it’s prone to viruses easily. Also make sure that your antivirus is updated with latest available virus database.

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How to Setup Google DNS on Windows 7/8/XP Easily?

Now I’m starting with the guide to setup Google DNS on Windows PC here. Make sure you follow each step and I’m sure that you’ll also experience increase in your internet speed.

  • Go to control panel and click on Network and Internet.
  • Now click on “View network status and tasks” option and then click on “Change adapter settings” option on the left hand side.
  • Now right click on your Broadband Connection and select Properties.
  • Move on to the Networking tab and then first select “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” then click on Properties.
  • Now first select the “Use the following server addresses” radio button then enter the DNS as following,

Preferred DNS server –

Alternate DNS server –

  • Click on Ok to save the settings and refresh your Windows PC.

Google DNS on Windows PC

Now when you browse the internet then you’ll see increase in browsing speed.

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If you’re already having any other DNS listed then don’t forget to copy them down before making above changes. You can use Preferred and Alternate DNS vice-versa but make sure both of them are not the same.

So geeks, this was the guide to use Google DNS on Windows PC. Hope you find the tutorial very easy.

Still if you get any problem then leave it in comment section below. Don’t forget to share the stuff with your friends via Facebook or Google+ and stay updated with this blog for more tutorials.