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Download Google Chrome Offline Installer (Latest Version)

Friends, today we are going another fantastic post on downloading Google Chrome Offline Installer and that too the latest version which currently available on their official website.

Google Chrome arrived on the internet in the 2008 and it started becoming popular in 2009. At that time it was Mozilla Firefox which was doing great as web browser and people were use to of that. That time Google Chrome arrived as an open source free web browser which provided faster browsing speed than any other browser, a clean and simple user interface and off course the security.

Now Chrome is into its 28th version* and the latest version is the finest of all previous ones. If you’re looking for the best source to download Google Chrome offline installer of latest version then you’re at the right place.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

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Features of the Google Chrome Offline Installer

Let see what are the key features of the Google Chrome offline installer latest version below here.

  1. As I already mentioned that Google Chrome is the simplest looking web browser. Its simplicity is its key that simply means that the user interface is very simple and also elegant.
  2. Don’t forget it’s a Google product and so you get its search engine working by default in it. You can change it to any other search engine you want but it is the best search engine right now on the internet so I don’t know if any user will switch to any other search engine.
  3. It comes with a large plugin or add-on and apps store. The Chrome store has got almost all kinds of plugins and apps that users demand to add in Chrome browser. The UI of the store is also very elegant and easier to understand.
  4. The bookmark manager is the best thing which it has given to users. The bookmarks are right there at the top (below the address bar) which provides easier to access feature.
  5. It doesn’t have anything which isn’t requires by the user and that’s why it’s the simplest web browser ever made.
  6. Its performance is really good but it counts too much on the overall performance of your laptop or computer. It offers the finest browsing speed than any other web browser.
  7. The security features have been improving with every new version of the Google Chrome.

Latest Version Google Chrome Offline Installer

So these were the features of the latest version of Google Chrome offline installer.

Now without taking your much time lemme give you the real thing for which you are waiting for long.

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How to Download Google Chrome Offline Installer (Latest Version)

If you seriously want to have the best browsing speed then no doubt, It is the best one that you need to install. Its simplicity is its key and the chromium which is at its best provides it speed and security.

Here is the source from where you can get download Google Chrome offline installer of the latest version.

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Please go through the below given download link and also bookmark this page as it will help you to download the software again without any problem.

Google Chrome App and Extension Store

Click Here to Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Here is the official mirror link for the software

So guys, this was the food for your day. Hope you enjoyed it.

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