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How to Setup and Connect PlayStation 3 (PS3) with TV? [Tutorial]

People who go out to buy gaming console and don’t care about the budget rather look for a good product, most of them bring Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) home. There is no doubt in tagging PS3 as best gaming console and it is available in most of the countries in the world. But once they bring in the all new PS3 home then they find trouble in connecting it with their Television. I’m here to help out all such people with a guide on how to setup and connect PlayStation 3 with TV in the simplest tutorial here.

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As I’m a student so my parents don’t allow me to buy PS3 but one of my neighboring friend bought it and hopefully I got chances to get my hands on. The very first trouble my friend faced was with connecting the console to TV. He knew how geek I’m when it comes to technology so call me and I helped him to setup and connect PlayStation 3 with TV. I found setting up was very simple and I did it without reading any user manual.

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Connect PlayStation 3 with TV

Here I start with the guide directly without moving into the details of what PlayStation 3 is all about since you’ve already bought it and waiting for the guide on how to setup and connect PlayStation 3 (PS3) with TV.

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Tutorial to Setup & Connect PlayStation 3 (PS3) with TV

Simply follow the steps once you unpack your new PlayStation 3. Put your PS3 near your TV and look at the steps mentioned below,

Once you unpack the PS3 then you’ll find an AV output cable. You’ve to use that cable to setup and connect PS3 with TV.

  1. First insert the red, yellow and white cable in the Input ports of your TV. These ports will be there in all modern TV sets and also the older ones. So the method I’m mentioning here will work on long list of TV sets. The AV cable will have three pins and all will be colored accordingly. You’ve to insert red pin in red colored port and so on.
  2. Now bring your PS3 near to the PC and at the back of the console you’ll find identical three ports. Put in the other end of the AV output pins in the output ports on the PS3. Make sure you insert pins at the right port just like you did it in your TV set.
  3. Now start your PS3 and TV set. Don’t forget to start the Video mode in your TV which you must have used to see movies while connecting with the DVD player.
  4. Once the PS3 starts then you’ll find few setup instructions. Don’t worry it will be needed only once as you’ve setup for the first time. Simply follow the screen instructions.

Setup and Connect PlayStation 3 (PS3) with TV

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That’s it! Now you can play the game you got free with your PS3 or buy new games. The setup and connect PS3 with TV guide is over now.

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