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How to Activate Windows 8 (Easy Activation Method)

Are you looking for the easiest method to activate your Windows 8? Then this article here will make your day perfect. In this post I will be giving tutorial on ‘How to Activate your Windows 8 Operating System’. Read this tutorial guide and follow them to clearly know the easiest method ever to activate Windows 8. Please read below given introduction and then the complete tutorial is given. Please proceed further.

As we all know about the history of Windows 8, it was firstly announced at 2011 CES, two years after Win 7 was officially released in 2009. By October 2012, Microsoft had completely released the Windows 8 operating system which has been followed upon the release of pre-release versions. As of now, Microsoft come up with various versions including the Pro and Enterprise, each versions having several other segments as Pro N, Pro VL and so on.

Windows 8 Activation Method


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Introduction for Activating Windows 8 OS :

While talking about the Windows 8 Activation, there are mainly two methods available for you to try out. First one is the straight ‘License key’ and later is the ‘Double Click’ method using an activator. In either of the methods, you could easily activate your Windows 8 version. For activating your operating system through the former method, the use of license key comes important and it is not possible unless you have got the original license key from the official page from where you downloaded the software. But for those looking to activate their Windows without any requirement of license key can try the second one, as it is more simple and you just need to download and install an activator from the given site.

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Activate Windows 8 OS

Windows 8 Activation through license key

Note: As I mentioned above, for the perfect working of this method, you will surely need an original license key that has been given to you in the time of purchase/download.

Step 1: On the desktop move your cursor over the right most corner (top or bottom) to pop out certain items including settings, start, search etc.

Step 2: Click on ‘Search’ icon and type ‘cmd’ in the box that appears. This lets you search for Command Prompt and once it comes within the results area, click on it.

Step 3: Then a Command Prompt window appears and you will have to type ‘slui 3′ (with space in between slui and 3) and press Enter.

Step 4: This will take you to the Windows Activation panel and within the ‘Product key’ box, enter your product/license key that we discussed earlier.

Step 5: Your Windows 8 will be activated as soon as you click the ‘Activate’ box below.

Note: If you are in trouble, then try checking your product key once again. If still not working, most probably your product key will be wrong or useless. You can always go for the second method and activate by downloading the Windows 8 activator.

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How to Activate Windows 8 with Activator?

If you are not able to follow the above given method then you can do Windows 8 Activation using below given method i.e Activating Windows 8 with Activator

  1. Download the zip file from here
  2. Now extract the file into an easily accessible area (Desktop is much better).
  3. Open the extracted folder and you will see the activator. Double click on it.
  4. It is fine if it is showing any threat detection, ignore the warning and continue the process.
  5. After few seconds, your system will be automatically restarts.
  6. Now check your activation status and you will be surprised to find your Windows to be activated.

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Windows 8 Activated Now!

If in any case, this method didn’t got success, just make sure that you have got .Net Framework 3.5, as it is required for running this particular kind of activator. For checking the activation status you need to just press the corresponding keyboard shortcut (Start + Pause). Congratulations you have now successfully done with activating Windows 8 Operating system by following our easiest Windows 8 Activation method. Don’t forget to leave your positive feedback on the comment section below.