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Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Download)

Recently I posted about Offline Installer of Skype for Windows and today we are going to post about downloading Skype for Android, iPod Touch, iPhone and other smartphones available in the market.

Skype has been known for many years now as best communication app available on all known platforms. Few major platforms known today are Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is available for all these platforms and it is owned by Microsoft. Don’t worry about your platform before downloading Skype as it is available on every platform for free. Let see how you can get Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other devices.

Before I start telling you what Skype can do or about its features I must tell you one great thing about it. The great thing is its user interface.It offers best user experience and this is the reason why it’s the most popular messaging and communication app.

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Free Download Skype

Features of Skype for iPhone, iPad, etc

  • It is available for free on all known platforms and you don’t need to pay anything to use it on your device.
  • Supports a long list of international languages which means you can use it in your own language.
  • It has got a very simple and elegant user interface which offers great user experience and users can easily learn using this software or app.
  • It provides service to allow users to do unlimited free instant chat messaging. Skype don’t charge a single penny on instant messaging. You can also send your text to the phone number of your friend but you’ve to buy credits for that.

Download Skype for Android, iPhone and Other device

  • Like any other instant messaging app, Skype also offers unlimited instant file sharing and that too for free. Yes, you can share files too.
  • This app also offers free video calling or chatting. Yes, you can chat with your friends for free using the video camera of your device. This feature is really handy and the smartphone app of Skype also supports video calling on 3G and Wi-Fi network.
  • You can make calls around the world using it but you’ve to buy credits to do that otherwise you can skip this feature.
  • The instant messaging tool also offers emoticons and different smileys which increases the chatting experience further.

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As I told you in the starting that it has got a long list of features. Still there are lots of other features. Now if you’re convinced and want to use Skype then get its app on your device.

Download Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch                     

Here are the source from where you can get the download Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and other smartphone which is available in the market expect Java Mobile phones like Nokia S40.

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Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad

You can also download Skype for BlackBerry and PC from here. The installation of the app is very easy and its UI is extremely elegant and simple on each platform.

Hope you save money in your phone bill as now you’ll be using Skype for text and calling. If you’ve any problem then mention it in comment below and we’ll get back to you soon. Also please share this post with your friends via Facebook or Google+ and stay updated with our website.