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Top 5 Best Web Browser for Android Phones & Tablets

Are you tired using your stock browser in your Android Smartphone? Do you want to try some best Android web browsers? Then here are the best web browser for Android Phones as well as tablets that will give you ultimate pleasure in browsing. This is an article regarding the list of few top apps to install on any Android Smartphone and Tablets from Google Play Store. Read this article and find out the impressive features that each of these apps can give you.

Today as Android Smartphone are widely used for surfing internet, the users are desperately searching for the top most Android web browsers. Even though their stock browsers are large enough to deliver what they need online, still some of the users are not well satisfied with it or some feels to get a new and amazing app with more features than his default one.

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Top Best Web Browser for Android

So here I am with my top 5 list of apps after a lot of research through many of the apps from Google Play Store. Go through the list, along with their features and choose the best one that suits your need.

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List of Best Web Browser for Android Smartphone

Note : I am writing this post after a long research and to give you people the best. Please go through it thoroughly and go for the top most Android Web Browser that you like from features and functions.

1. UC Browser for Android

UC Browser is one among the famous as well as a great app that can well suite the requirements of any Android user. It is faster, smoother and offers many impressive features making one’s web surfing pleasureful. One of the main feature that this app delivers is the intelligent analysis, that helps you save time by pre-loading the next page in advance. The app also helps in faster page loading, no matter how slow your connection is. In the field of downloads, it do delivers pause as well as resume options that many other browsers lack. Other features also includes night mode, reduce data cost, auto fill URLs and much more.

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UC Browser for Android

2. Chrome Browser for Android

We all know how deeply we are addicted to the chrome browser in our PC. Good news for the Chrome lovers is that, it is now available in Android market with much improved features and for free. As this app is directly from Google, you also can access a lot of Google features directly from it. Page loading, scrolling and zooming within Chrome are just impressive with its amazing speed. Adding tabs and removing are now as easy as tapping with your fingers. You can even access all the open tabs as well as the bookmarks from all other device by just syncing with your account. Another great feature delivered is the easiness of sending pages from chrome between various devices.

Chrome for Android

3. Opera (One of my top most Web Browser for Android)

Opera Browser is next famous one that is also available in Google Play Store for free. With a special feature called ‘Off-Road mode’, the Opera is capable to deliver high speed browsing even outside the 3G coverage. One of the most impressive feature is the speed dial bookmarks available within the home. No matter what your device screen size is, Opera can adapt any screen size and deliver you the accurate format for your Smartphone. Opera is one among the most efficient web surfing tool that can be used for surfing as well as for downloading.

Opera Browser Android

4. Dolphin Browser HD

This is yet another browser which is capable of delivering various features that can be customize according to your need. The customize options delivers within this, lets you customize various fields including the home screen, sharing features, gesture controls, voice controls etc. Dolphin is also capable in delivering a huge web app store from which you can download 200+ web apps including social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. One-tap share is another feature that this app delivers. The design features of Dolphin makes it an unique and top web browser for Android Phones and Tablets.

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5. Mozilla Firefox

I know there are lot of Firefox fans here waiting to hear their favorite web surfer. Well, this one is exclusively for them and they can consider this app as one of the top most and best Web Browser for their Android Phones or Tablets. This is also a free app available in Android market. While talking about the various features that Firefox has to deliver, it do delivers sync by which an user can sync all his important data with his existing Firefox  in his PC. One among the best feature that makes it supreme is the support for Adobe Flash Player. Other major features of Mozilla Firefox includes Addons, HTML-5 support and more.

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Download Firefox Browser for Android

Conclusion for Top Android Web Browsers

Even though there tons of Web browsers available for Android from the store, I choose best 5 web browser for Android Smartphone from them. You can definitely consider this list of Top 5 Android Web Browsers and find the best one that you feel comfort on. Let us know your valuable feedback about this post and apps that you have recently downloaded in your mobile.

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