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Top 12 Best Torrent Clients for Windows & MAC PC

Do you want to know that which is best and top torrent clients for Windows as well as MAC Computer? If yes, then today we have covered one fantastic post which you will surely like. Keep on reading.

The easiest way to download files (any file like movie, song, video, etc) is by the means of torrents. There are lots of websites from where you can download it but the most important thing you need to have is the client. There are lots of torrent clients available on the Internet and it creates lots of confusions. Now in order to help you I’m including here 12 best torrent clients for Windows & Mac PC.

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Before starting let me give you a short introduction. It is basically a software using which you can download files from torrents. It provides simple, clean user interface and function almost automatically.

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Note : I have listed out 12 software below and all most they do same purpose and have one common feature. But again, all of them have some unique feature and functions. So its over to you which one you are choosing.

Best Torrent Clients for Windows

List of Best Torrent Clients for Windows & Mac PC

Here I start with the list of 12 best torrent clients for Windows & Mac PC. I also have given a short review of the same so that you can learn more about it.

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uTorrent (Windows)

This one is the best torrent client for Windows Computer. The client consists of simple and clean user interface and also using it is very easy.

The client provides highest download speed. All you need to look is a file with enough seeders and then it will be downloaded within a flash. You can also use it from your USB drive. (Download)

utorrent client

BitTorrent (Windows)

This one is almost similar to uTorrent and the user interface is also very similar if we forget about the color combinations. The only thing missing in this is a serious update and once it came then it will be taking similar position to uTorrent. Personally speaking I am using this software on my Computer and I just love it. (Download)

bittorent client

Vuze (Mac)

Vuze is a freeware BitTorrent client available for Mac PC. You will find all the tools which are required to download files at faster speed. This  one is considered as one of the top torrent client for Mac OS X Computer system. So if you are Mac user then you must have to download this.

vuze - top torrent client for mac

Tomato (Mac)

This torrent client is available for free for Mac and it has got lots of other features which makes it different from the above one. It stores history of your download so that you can pick up easily the files you downloaded recently. The user interface is simple and you won’t find any trouble in understanding it.

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Torrent Monster (Windows)

This one is again a recommended torrent client for Windows which is available for free. If you like the old classic look of Windows software then you will love this client.

The main factor is the download speed which is found above average according to its user’s reviews and ratings done all over the internet so far.

Few More Top torrent Clients for your PC

The above one are not enough sometimes so I’m listing down names of few more best torrent clients available over the internet to download torrent files.

  1. Tixati
  2. ABC (Another Bittorrent Client)
  3. Transmission Bittorrent
  4. XBT Client
  5. BitComet
  6. TurboBT
  7. Deluge Torrent

Over to you

Choosing a single torrent client may take time as you’ve to make choice between all of them. You’ll be going with the one which perform best on your PC and Internet connection. Do let us know which one was for you in the comment section below and don’t forget to tell us that which software you consider as the best torrent clients and which one you downloaded just now. Also please share this post with your friends on Facebook and Google+