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Best Android Launchers for Jelly Bean 2013

Here I’m with Best Android launchers for Jelly Bean and ICS version of Android. Customizing our Android smartphone is really fun friends and for easier customization without rooting we need to install Android launcher apps.

The Android newer version comes once in six month and the worst part is that the newer version isn’t compatible with all previous version running smartphones. This creates lots of unhappiness among the users and they either start looking for some custom ROM or forget about the newer version. But Android provides one more option to every Android user of changing the look and feel of their device and this can be done by the mean of some launcher apps. The only limitation with these apps is that they can’t provide any significance in the performance but still customization feels good. If you too own an Android smartphone then I’m here with few best Android launchers for Jelly Bean 2013.

Best Android Launchers for Jelly Bean

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Best Android Launchers for Jelly Bean

The launcher apps are just like any other app but once they get installed on any Android smartphone then they change the look of the device completely. They change the wallpapers, background theme, icons and lots of other things. I’m listing down here the best Android launchers for Jelly Bean in 2013. These apps will run on previous versions too but they will be running best if your device runs on any version of Jelly Bean.

Nova Launcher Prime

This one is the best launchers for Jelly Bean but you need to buy it first before using, don’t worry its worth of its price tag. The app provides a dark color look to the device which not just looks unique but also looks elegant.

Nova Launcher Prime - For Jelly Bean

The app comes preloaded with some gorgeous looking wallpapers and the icon gallery within the app is also very unique and good looking. You must try this out as you looking for best Android launcher for Jelly Bean. It will also understand your gesture and you can use it on your Android 4.0 ICS running smartphone too.


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Smart Launcher

The Smart Launcher is another such app and as the name suggests the app is smart enough to attract the users. The app comes with some unique looking widgets, icons and wallpapers without compromising on the performance and battery life of your device.

The app provides one extra feature which allows hiding of any app easily. You can use the search tool to look for anything on your device and this search tool is of this app not of the Android.


GO Launcher EX

This one is the free best Android launcher app compatible with any device running Android 2.0 or higher. The app comes with a large collection of wallpapers, widgets and icons. You as a user can choose any of them and apply on your device to get the perfect unique look.

GO Launcher EX - Best Android Launcher

The app also supports gestures so you’ll feel like using a pro launcher app on your device. The app is best because it’s compatible with older Android versions too.


Apex Launcher Pro

This one is the last recommended app which is available in free and pro version. The free version comes with limited features but the pro version is real worth of its price tag.

The best part I like about this app is that it provides features of its own and other launcher apps too.


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Over to you

According to me, these four are the best Android launchers for Jelly Bean and now you can choose any of them. If I missed any good one in the list here then let me know via your comments.