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How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 7/8/XP?

It is possible to increase internet speed in Windows 7/8/XP but you need to know the best working tricks. Here I’m with the tutorial on how to increase internet speed so check it out.

Internet speed is one of the major concerns of the internet user. Every user wants to have maximum possible speed and for that they need to upgrade their internet connection plan with the provider. But if you can’t upgrade then still there are few working ways to increase internet speed in Windows 7/8/XP. You don’t need to invest any extra money to get the increased speed but in some cases you may have to.

Internet Speed Increase in Windows

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How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 78XP

Let see which one are the working ways by means of which you can increase the internet speed in Windows 7/8/XP. Before starting, run a check on Speedtest.net to get the current internet speed. Note down the result you get and follow on reading the below steps.

Increase Internet Speed in Windows

  1. The very first you need to make sure is that your PC doesn’t have any infection or viruses. You’ve to keep your installed antivirus always updated and it will be better if you can purchase the genuine copy of antivirus. If your PC isn’t having any infection then you’ll get maximum possible internet speed. You can also use CCleaner to fix all registry and disk type of errors.
  2. Now the next thing you need to do is clear the cookies, cache and browsing history from the browser. This will not have a great affect but a little affect will be there.
  3. Next thing you need to check is whether any other device has been using your PC’s internet or not. If any other device is there then you need to close the connection for that so that your PC gets complete speed.
  4. If still you’re not satisfied with the speed then you need to setup Google DNS on your Windows PC. I’ve already written a complete tutorial on that so you need to check that. Simply follow the steps written in the tutorial here on setting up Google DNS and you’ll definitely find increase in speed.
  5. Now at last, if still you’re not getting improvements in the internet speed then you need to either upgrade your internet connection because it’s too slow or you need to upgrade your modem. Once the modem gets old then the data speed it can handle goes down. So it will be better if you can buy a new modem for your internet connection.

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How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows

In many cases I’ve found that internet speed goes down due to errors in PC. If you keep an updated antivirus and keep your PC clean by help of CCleaner then there will be lesser errors in your PC and internet speed will automatically move up.

Once you’re done then check the internet speed with Speedtest and see the improvements.