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Shazam for PC (Windows & MAC Computer) Download

I know you’re big fan of Shazam app and want to get Shazam for PC for Windows or Mac download. So here I’m with the right food for you, check it out!

Shazam is an app available basically for mobile devices which provide information related to music. The information is provided of all genres around the world that means it’s like a one stop access to all music field news and gossips. It allows lots of other features too which are really worth. Shazam is available on all mobile devices popular platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc but you can also download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac). I’ll guide you here how you can do that easily.

Shazam for PC Download

Before starting with the tutorial on how to download Shazam for PC let me first introduce you with the features of Shazam.

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Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac computer) Features

Shazam is available for free to use and it has got following features that you should know in order to utilize the complete feature of this amazing app which has been among the best apps for many years on the iTunes store which shows its potential.

The very first use of the Shazam app is that it can be used to find out the identity of any song by simply making the app listen to the song. The Shazam app then checks the song for its names and other details in its large database.

Download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac)

Once Shazam finds out the song then it can show you not even the name and album of the song but it can also show you the YouTube video and link to iTunes download it if you’re using any iOS device.

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The app works so fast that in starting you’ll get amazed that how it can find out song details so fast and so accurate. The app has been available for long now and so it’s getting much more accurate and expert in this particular category.

Shazam for PC isn’t available till now but still you can enjoy the Android version of the app on your PC whether it’s Windows or Mac. But if you’ve Windows 8 then you can directly download and install the app from Windows 8 app store since it’s completely compatible with this version of Windows.

The app not only provides you audio songs but you can also watch your favorite video songs within the app. As I mentioned above that it shows the YouTube video that clears its feature of showing video files comfortably.

The best part of the Shazam app and one of the major reasons of its popularity is that it’s available for free on every platform.

So guys, these were the features of the Shazam and the same features you can enjoy on the Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac) app.

How to Download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac)

Follow these steps to download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac) easily,

Shazam for Windows 8 Download

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  1. Download BlueStacks Android emulator on your Windows or Mac and install it.
  2. Now search for the Shazam app within the BlueStacks and install it once you found it. You can also download the APK of the Shazam Android app and then it can be installed directly in BlueStacks.

That’s it! Once the installation finish, you’ll be able to use Shazam for Windows & Mac computer. If you have Windows 8 then you can download it directly from the Windows 8 app store.