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How to Unblock Websites Using Proxy for Free?

Many times websites remain blocked and we don’t know how to unblock websites. Here I’m with the tutorial on how to unblock websites for free. Check out!

Getting blocked messages while surfing internet on cyber café or any other public computer system like in school or college is a common thing. The network administrator often block the popular websites like Facebook, YouTube because of their personal or professional reason but still there are ways to get access. I’m here with the tutorial on how to unblock websites using proxy for free.

Unblock Websites Using Proxy for Free

You must have heard about the proxy name but you may not know that how it works. The method is simple and I’m explaining it with a common example down here.

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How Proxy servers help in unblocking websites for free?

When a particular website is blocked or restricted by the administrator of the network then that website isn’t accessible. Once you use a proxy server then these server first fetch the website in its own server then it transfer the content into your browser by encrypting it. This is how you get access to the blocked websites easily. It’s just like copying and delivered or you can also call the proxy server as in between medium. So this is the simple concept of these server.

How Proxy servers help in unblocking websites

The most important thing you need to know about the proxy server is that using them may prone to infections and viruses easily. So its recommended to you to keep the updated and licensed antivirus in your computer so that it can protect your computer from any theft.

How to Unblock Websites Using Proxy for Free

Now let me start the tutorial which you’re looking for here on our blog, Tecnigen. There are two methods of doing this, I’m writing both of them down here.

Method 1

There are lots of proxy websites available on the internet. You need to first access them and then enter the desired website URL that you want to get access. Sometimes the admin also block the proxy websites so you need to check some other proxy website. You can try any of these proxy websites.

  • RX Proxy
  • 000FreeProxy
  • AD Free Proxy
  • kkProxy
  • Unblock Proxy
  • NewIPNow
  • Mega Proxy
  • Bind2

This method is simple but very much prone to viruses that’s why people often look for the second method. Here I start with the second method.

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Method 2

You need to download proxy software that will provide you access to any blocked website i.e. it will unblock websites using proxy server only but you don’t need to open the proxy server website. This method will provide you the direct access to the websites.

UltraSurf - Best Proxy Software Free

The two most popular and the recommended proxy software are UltraSurf and SpotFlux. The software installation is simple and same as of any other simple software. I personally used UltraSurf when I use to access internet in my college hostel and I didn’t find any trouble using it for years. Yes, you’re reading right, once you install these software then you can use them trouble free for years unless your OS gets reinstalled.

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Over to you now

Both the methods work well and you can go with any of them. Let me know if you’ve any problem with the tutorial by your comments.