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Top 6 Best Free Calling Apps For Android Phones

Hey guys, I know you want to save money in your smartphone by making free calls but don’t know about the best free calling apps for Android phones. Don’t worry I’m here with the list of top 6 of them.

Smartphones are changing the limits and now they can do things that were earlier thought as impossible for a mobile device. The smartphones got the power of internet which can’t be underestimated and internet is becoming like a super power across the globe with time. The internet can be used to stay connected using websites and other tools or apps and the same internet can also be used to make calls and do unlimited texts.

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Top 6 Best Free Calling Apps for Android phones

Yes, it’s true and lots of users already taking benefits of such apps. If you don’t know about them then come with me and I’ll share you the top 6 best free calling apps for Android phones.


Viber is the best free calling app for Android phones and you will not find even a single advertisement in the app. The app can let you do free unlimited calls, texts and file sharing over Wi-Fi and cellular data plans.

Viber - Free Calling App Best

The UI of the app is very simple and elegant too. Users can send stickers and different graphical smiley to the users to enhance their conversation. As I’m writing about this app on top here so this is the best free calling app you can use.

Skype – free IM & video calls

Skype have been there since years when it comes to quality calling and it’s available for Android phones as well. You can install the free Skype app and can any person using Skype. You can do unlimited voice calls and texts to any of your Skype friend.

Skype - Best Free Calling App for Android

The app even allows calling to the mobile numbers but this feature isn’t free and you need to buy Skype credits. Still the charges of calling are cheaper than any other cellular network provider. Skype is used mostly for international calling due to cheaper rates.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

This is another free app that will allow you to do unlimited free voice calls and texts. The UI is really awesome and it even allows sending of stickers and graphical smiley that look very unique.

You can create a community over LINE of your friends and can make calls and group conversation. All you need is the data plan or the Wi-Fi network.

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textPlus Free Text + Calls

This is another recommended free calling app and it works best on tablets but also work well on smartphones. The UI is elegant and looks gorgeous.

textPlus Free Text + Calls

The app allows calling and texting over Wi-Fi network and it even allows international calling but you need to buy vouchers for that. As all other app, it allows calling and texting only to the users of this app.

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Few more free calling apps to try

  1. FREE Calls with magicJack
  2. KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

Over to you

For texting and file sharing WhatsApp is best and you can try the Google+ Hangout app to make voice and video calls with texting. I personally use Google+ hangout because all of my friends are added on my Google+ profile. Which best free calling app you’re going to use now?