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Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Mac to Download

Previously we posted about some of the top most Windows 8 Antivirus System but today we have come up with some of the best Free Antivirus for Mac PC which you can download for completely free.

Antivirus software’s are the most essential software’s for every PC. People reading this article might be very choosy about Antivirus. And when it comes to prevent your Mac PC or laptop this task of choosing right one goes quite a bit difficult. Here I am with some suggestions to make your choice easy. The following six best antivirus software’s for your Mac PC or Laptop.

Well, before starting lemme tell you that these Mac Antivirus have one feature in common i.e all of them provide extra protection against potential harmful things. But the main  reason behind listing them is that some of them have their own unique feature and function which makes them out of the crowd, so now its your choice that you chooses which free and best Antivirus for Mac to download in 2013.

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Keep on reading this bunch of reviewed software till the end.

List of Best Antivirus for Mac for Free Download

Please read review given for each and every Mac Antivirus so that you can get complete knowledge about it.

1. Avast Antivirus for Mac

Avast Antivirus for Mac

The list starts from Avast, the latest avast antivirus is absolutely free of cost to download. It boasts a new GUI and updates automatically. The software scans for malware in the real-time on your demand. The List goes on with Avira another big name in the software market. It is also free of cost to download. It’s a product of a German Security firm. The firm has launched a new product for Mac users. Avira hasn’t done any market pop-ups or advertisement for launching this product. The firm has made this software free for all kind of usage, whether it’s for professional use or for personal use. (link)

2. CalmXav Antivirus for Mac

The fans of Open Source Software will get excited after getting this news that CalmXav antivirus launched for Mac users is powered by CalmAV. Many users may not be aware of this name CalmAV, it’s an Open Source Project. (link)

3. Comodo

Comodo Antivirus

Now comes the turn of third most antivirus software named Comodo. If you believe that “Mac’s doesn’t get virus effected” it can happen that, you might be proved wrong and can lose your files. To prevent your Mac computer from virus attack go for a lightweight antivirus launched by Comodo.

4. iAntivirus for Mac PC

iantivirus for mac

If the above three doesn’t goes with your choice then here are two more software. These two are also absolutely free of cost to download. PC tools has launched an special software named iAntivirus for Mac users. This software handles and protects the files of your Mac. (link)

5. Sophos

Sophos Antivirus

And now the last  software but not the least Sophos. Want to protect your PC from malware attack? Then switch to Shopos for best result. Sophos’s Graham Cluley has detected the history of Mac virus/ malware way back in 1982. The present version has launched in the market is the 8th version of it. (link)

Each and every software’s which I have mentioned above is absolutely free of cost. And these software’s are the best 6 free antivirus available in the market. Apart from these there are many reputed names of antivirus in the market but they are not free of cost. Hopefully the information I have provided through this article will help you all to select and download the best free antivirus for your Mac to . All the above software’s almost have similar features but it depends on an individual that which one goes with her/his choice.