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How to Enable GodMode in Windows 7 Easily?

If you are reading this post then it surely means that you want to activate or enable GodMode in Windows 7 operating system. Then guys you are at correct place. Here in this post I have given the perfect method and steps by steps guide which will help you to enable Windows 7 GodMode with in instant of time. As you know their is some restriction to normal users and they can’t access some of the functions and features which is actually given by original and complete Windows 7 OS and to use or enjoy all these functions in your computer you need to activate GodMode in your Windows 7 Operating system.

If you are still confused that why you need to activate this GodMode then let me tell you in simple language that by enabling this trick you will be able to enjoy many shortcuts to the system files and other advance things that you might need while repairing your Windows 7 Computer system. So, I strongly recommend you to enable Windows 7 operating system GodMode to really all the functions that a completely normal user can’t enjoy at all.

Activate GodMode in Windows 7

All right, not wasting your much time let me start the tutorial as promised above. Please follow each and every step which is given below.

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Steps to Activate or Enable GodMode in Windows 7 :

As warned above also, please follow every step which is described in below guide or you can say tutorial.

  1. First of all you must create new folder (just right click, go to new and then create it)
  2. Rename the currently created folder with the following name : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  3. Now once you hit enter the folder’s icon will turn to Control Panel Icon
  4. Now just double click on that newly created icon and you are there in Windows 7 GodMode
  5. Isn’t it simple tutorial?

Well, lemme tell you that you can use this tutorial for enabling GodMode in Windows Vista also (works for some service packs).

GodMode in Windows 7

I always use it as I am kinda Geek and I need to get some advance and even simple stuffs done.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and easy to follow tutorial on how to activate or enable GodMode in Windows 7 Operating system and please stay tuned with this website as we are going to cover up more tutorials in future.

Also, if you faced any problem then please do comment and let us about the issue we are always here to help you out.