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LG PC Suite Free Download for Windows 8/7/XP

Are you a LG mobile phone user? And are you looking for the most convenient way to make a synchronization bridge between your mobile phone and your computer? Then here is the complete guide and download link for LG PC Suite for Windows 7/8 as well as Windows XP.

LG PC Suite is a must thing for any mobile users to sync all their data at one place. Data and information including calendar, messages, contacts, medias etc. can be synced within your PC and could be accessed later. By downloading a free software for your PC, you can transfer various files between your Computer and your LG Mobile Phone. Apart from these, this application even delivers much more impressive features including SMS function, managing phone-book etc. directly from your desktop.  More features of this software from LG will be discussed below.

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Download LG PC Suite

Key Features of LG PC Suite

Below I have mentioned some of the really nice features LG PC Suite which you really need to know before downloading it.

  • Synchronization: As we already discussed above, the LG PC Suite allows to connect your LG manufactured mobile phone with your computer through a cable and sync various personal information from mobile to your system or vice-versa. This also play a vital role in mobile backup.
  • Software Upgrade: Another important field that most of the consumers use a synchronizing tool is for upgrading software of their phones. As LG is one among the most efficient manufacture who occasionally release updates, it is essential for the users to update their device regularly for enjoying latest tastes of the mobile OS.
  • Access Internet: This tool within this application lets you surf through the internet by connecting your device with your desktop via its internet kit. This is a quite noticeable addition, as many users are looking an excellent way to make use of their mobile internet. This also give an opportunity to browse internet right away from the computer and a great advantage for those who doesn’t own any broadband connection.
  • SMS from Desktop: Yet another impressive thing to discuss about this software is its ability to manage, read, create and send messages to your contacts right away from your computer. This feature makes user’s multitasking very easy.
  • Automatic connection: The software also has the ability to detect your mobile phone every time you connect it with your computer.

LG PC Suite for Windows


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LG PC Suite for Windows Free Download and Install Guide

Please follow each and every step which is given below.

Step 1: Go to the official LG support Page (http://www.lg.com/in/support/pc-suite)

Step 2: Now you have to carefully select your device model. This is being done in three different steps:

  1. Select the exact category in which your device lies.
  2. Select the model number.
  3. Image of your phone will be shown next to it.

Note: If the image is correct, then you can further proceed into the next step. Else choose different category and find your device that you are holding.

Step 3:  Now it is time for you to download the software available for your model. Click the download logo and the PC Suite will be downloaded within your computer.

Note: Downloading time depends on the type of model you chose and the broadband connection you own.

Step 4: That’s all! The LG PC Suite has been now downloaded and the next thing to do is to install the downloaded application.

Step 5: Once the installation is completed, connect your device with your computer and wait for the PC Suite to detect your mobile phone.

Step 6:  Congratulations! The LG PC Suite has been successfully installed on your Windows PC.

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The verdict

LG PC Suite for Windows 7/8 is the best software for your LG mobile phone and it has excellent features that will take your device to next level. Even though the software is not much efficient as other syncing tools like iTunes, you can definitely depend on it as it is nearly best as those software.

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