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Top 5 Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Website Access

Recently we covered about Facebook Proxy Login Sites to Unblock FB Access and today in update to that we posting about Best Free Proxy Sites that will unblock and bypass blocked website access.

Proxy can be defined as the intermediate which lets you access contents on the website. But it will hide the IP address of that website. Blocking happens to your website because of restriction to your ISP for the protection of your website by hiding its private data. For these problems you cannot go through that particular website and you need a proxy server to unlock the access to it.

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Now its time to look at some of the best and top free proxy sites that will help you to surf blocked websites in your region.

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Top 5 Best Free Web Proxy Sites List

Using proxy servers you can get more optimized and customized way of accessing to websites in a secure way. There are different type websites and servers for better use. Most of these sites get heavy traffic but here I have listed some of these that can give you best results.

Hide My Ass:- (Link)

Free Proxy Sites

When you go through the proxy servers you can find out that Hide My Ass is always the best option for you. It is available to the users from 2005 which is a really long time to trust the server. It works all the time you want to access. If you do not want any trouble and get easy access for browsing the blocked websites then use this server. This is always been the favorite choice of the users. This was one of the best Proxy Site that I use the most.

Proxify:- (link)

Proxify - Best Web proxy

This is one of the favorite choices of the users of the proxy servers. It does not have any boundary which lets you access to be surfed by anyone and any place. You can get access to you blocked websites in more private and secure manner. Though it has been a little bit complicated installation process but you can find it easy to use. If you don’t like the first one then go for this, its most used Proxy Website.

Ninjacloak:- (link)

This is a free web proxy server offering you the best service. One can browse data anytime and anywhere. This has a better private profile to access behind a firewall which has blocked ports in it.

Best proxy Websites

Anonymouse:- (link)

Most of the people use this web server to get access to their favorite sites without any hesitation. This exists from a really long time that is since 2004. It hides your online identification. It has a faster process with easy and free interface.


000Free Proxy:- (link)

It is also one of the favorite choice of the users. This is because its a US based server making it so widely popular.  Anyone can use this because it gives you access to almost all the blocked websites.

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How Free Proxy Sites Works?

At the time of school, college or work place you cannot get access to hide IP and cannot make any configuration settings for a VPN connection. Basically the features of these servers are focused on accessing the blocked sites on your computer; getting free proxy and free VPN server, web hosting and accessing school proxy sites etc.

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Sometimes you can find out that you can’t open Facebook or such type of websites in your work place. Some countries even don’t allow these type of access. If you get the access of websites you will be caught. So these proxy servers hide your IP address so that no one can find out about which blocked sites you are accessing.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post on best free proxy sites and if you are facing any type of issue then please do comment and let us know about it.