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Windows 8 Start Menu Button – Download, Restore & Change it

Today we are going to cover on how to download Windows 8 Start menu Button, apart from that we have covered after downloading how you will be able to restore and change Windows 8 Start menu easily. Below I have given basic introduction and then have reviewed out some of the posts.

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With the introduction of Windows 8 in the market users booted up Windows 8 for the first time. No doubt it delivered a number of major design changes but navigating the Start button has been quite as controversial. But need not to be worry there are many alternative to this such as replacement of start menu. You can simply download Windows 8 Start Menu Applications and install it in your system. Some applications are totally free such as Classic shell.

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Download Windows 8 Start Menu Button and Restore it

There are some contenders to choose from and so you can restore the Windows 8 start menu button which are categorized as below:

Classic Shell

Its installation charges are absolutely free and do an excellent job of restoring the Start menu to Windows 8. You will feel the same as the previous versions look and feel with search and run boxes, recent items menu and much more.

Download Windows 8 Start Menu Button

Added to that you will get some extra useful apps such as a menu of your windows 8 apps where you can launch them directly from the desktop and the ability to switch to the start screen with a click.

Moreover, it also provides enhanced toolbars and status bars for both exploration and Internet explorer which is configurable. Well, personally speaking I am using this app to Restore Windows 8 Start Menu in my computer system.


It can easily boot to desktop. You can see the same Windows 7 style start menu and it is very simple to use. But it will give you Windows 8 style button otherwise everything else looks very familiar.


FurthermStart Windows 8 Buttonore, there are some useful optional extras which include the ability to switch to the desktop automatically after signing in and ignore the lower level hot button corner. On the downside it doesn’t provide a way to disable the other hot corners. It is not configurable as some other programs but it looks good and works well.

Start Menu 8

It will give you the Windows 7 start menu look and feel. You will feel like bringing back the start menu to Windows 8. It will give you to choose your preferred start Button from one of six options.

Windows 8 Start Menu

It provides you bypass the start menu screen and boot to the desktop. With a single click you can even turn off the hot corners. But you will find it to its solid alternative. Well you can surely use this app to download and restore Windows 8 Start Menu Button easily without any problem.


The look and the feel of this app are quite different from other apps because the button you get in it is much smaller and start menu also looks somewhat different. Additional feature is that, the power options displayed one above the other rather than hidden in the menu. On the downside, it doesn’t look quite as good as the other apps but side by side it’s lacking some of the specific features of windows 8. Basically it will be much good from its basics and so quite appealing too.


You could say that this is quite different from other apps because it aims somewhat innovative and better. On your windows you will find a big Smartphones like area for your favorite apps and you can easily pin programs just by clicking a star icon to their right.



Moreover, the search box is faster and everything appears immediately. Another interesting feature is that it have cascading start menu with all odd options. Overall it provides a great framework and adds widgets too.

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So folks, I hope you by now have download Windows 8 Start Menu Button and restored it. And if you faced any type of issue then please do comment and let us know about it. Also please do share this post with your friends via Facebook.