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How to Change Fonts in Android Phones & Tablets?

Friends we have covered many tutorials on this website and today we are here with new post on how to easily change fonts in Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other device with Android Operating system.

Android smart phones has captured the total phone market with its amazing features. Almost all of us are using Android phones and getting all advantages of these phones. But most you might be facing some problems in font size as I was facing. Changing font size stands as a common problem among the Android users. But there is nothing to worry about this problem. Here I am with some solutions for you which will help you to change fonts in Android Phones as well as Tablets.

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How to Change Fonts in Android

Tutorial to Change Fonts in Android Phones & Tablets :

The first method is through Custom OEM skins. This method is the one which is found pre-installed in some of the Samsung and LG phones. You can change the fonts as per your choice. Just follow the given process and change fonts in your Samsung Android Smartphone.

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Go to setting, then display and after that font style.

Accept this there is another method available that is through custom launcher. There is a very popular custom launcher which provides Go launcher EX. just follow the following steps and change fonts in GO launcher EX:

  1. You have to copy your TTF font files in any of the given files such as sd card, GO launcher EX or font directory.
  2. Then, open GO launcher EX.
  3. Tap on Menu button or swipe the screen upward.
  4. Tap on the preference button.
  5. Go, to the GO launcher setting page.
  6. Tap on visual setting.
  7. Swipe the font and tap on the left.
  8. Tap on Scan Font.
  9. If everything goes well, the application will be automatically saved in the sd card or Go launcher EX or font directory.
  10. Now, you can select the font you want to use.

Change Fonts in Android Devices


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Change Fonts in Android using iFont (Samsung Devices)

Here is another method of changing font for Samsung devices namely iFont.

This process can be considered as the easiest process to change fonts in Android Devices. Just follow the tutorial and change fonts in your Samsung Android phone:

  1. Launch iFont in your phone.
  2. Go to the Online tab.
  3. There you will find the names of font, tap on the font you want to install.
  4. Then, tap on the Download button.
  5. Then, go to Setting>Display>Font Style. You will get the list of fonts installed.
  6. Just, tap on the font you want to use.

Changing Fonts in Android

Apart from these Non-root methods, there are two more methods available to change fonts in Android Smart Phone. Those methods are Method Requiring Root and Manual method. These methods will take more time to be used.

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Change Fonts in Rooted Android Devices

Now this method will work for those Android Devices which is rooted. Please follow the steps.

You need to Download “Type Fresh” Android app from here. It will work with Android 2.0+ and I guess these days Smartphone comes with Jelly Bean so you can easily use this app without any issue.

When comes to the safety issue of these methods, then I can assure you that these methods are totally safe from malware. Hopefully, I have done justice with the information of these methods. Why are you guys waiting? Just move on, follow the tutorials given above and change the fonts of your Android Smart phone easily. I have suggested the three easiest processes to change the font size in your Android Smart Phone. No extra effort is needed to change the fonts in your Android phone.

Friends if you liked this post then please do comment and let us know if you find any issue while installing or changing fonts in Android Phones or your tablet. Also share this post with your friends.