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How to Change Fonts in iPhone 5 Easily?

Hey friends, hope everything fine at your end! Today I’m going to help your iPhone 5 out in order to change fonts in iPhone 5 easily. If you’ve any previous iPhone then also this method will work which I’m going to share down here, so come with me on the journey.

With the entrance of Android in the smartphone market smartphone users have started demanding for more customization options. Apple is the most popular smartphone manufacturer and its iPhone doesn’t provide much customization options which users look for and Android provides them at best. This is where iPhone users either started jailbreaking their iPhone or switch to an Android smartphone.

how to change fonts in iPhone 5 easily

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Little disappointment

As I mentioned above that Apple don’t allow much customization to users and users can only use whatever the iOS offers to them as it is.

Unfortunately, users can’t change fonts in iPhone 5 at any cost as iOS on which device is running doesn’t allow this much customization. Not even the iPhone 5 but any device or any other iOS running device will allow users to change fonts at any cost. Although you can change the font size but that’s only in few apps like Notepad.

So what to do now guys? As you came here searching for the tutorial on how to change fonts in iPhone easily but I’m telling you this bitter truth.

BytaFont on iPhone

Wait; don’t leave the blog as there is one method by which you’ll be able to change fonts on iPhone easily.

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Guide on how to change fonts in iPhone 5 easily

This is the only working method that is valid and can let you do what you actually want to do on your iPhone i.e. changing fonts easily.

You need to get your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone jailbroken first then this method will work. This is the major requirement of this method and you can’t use this method without jailbreaking your device.

There are certain tools using which you can jailbreak your iPhone easily. But before going into the process of jailbreaking note down one important thing i.e. you’re voiding terms and conditions of Apple and once you jailbreak your device then you won’t receive any warranty or services from the company side. This is the major down side of jailbreaking the iPhone as it’s not legal from Apple yet and will never be.

change fonts in iPhone easily

So now if you got your iPhone jailbroken then you need to go Cydia store and install one tweak called BytaFont. This is a simple app available at the Cydia store and once it’s installed then you’ll be able to change fonts of iPhone easily.

Once app is installed then run it and select the font you want to use. Once you choose the font then apply it and then your iPhone will reboot to apply changes everywhere.

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Now when your device boots up then you’ll find new fonts everywhere on your device. Congratulations, you’ve been successful in doing adventure with your iPhone easily i.e. you’ve successfully change fonts in iPhone easily.

So folks, this was the simple working method on the cost of warranty terms of your device. Hope you find guide simple.