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Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Error Fix [Solved]

Hey guys you’re here on Tecnigen and you came here searching for a solution to get Internet Explorer has stopped working error fix.

Internet Explorer isn’t great these days but still Windows users prefer using it who doesn’t know the other available options like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, etc. But you still want to use Internet Explorer then you need to solve the issue which is very awkward.

Internet Explorer

The reason why this error of “Internet Explorer has stopped working” occurs is not of our concern here rather you want to solution to fix it but I’m going to tell you the causes of this problem as you should know the cause before cure. You can skip on to the solution directly.

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Causes of “Internet Explorer has stopped working” problem

This problem occurs due to following problems,

  1. The very first cause come into my mind is that your Internet Explorer isn’t updated with the latest available security and other updates released by Microsoft.
  2. Second problem can be due to over loading of CPU of your PC.
  3. Thirdly it can be caused by some virus or malwares.

How to get Internet Explorer has stopped working error fix?

So guys, I told you the causes of the problem. Now I’m sharing the simple methods here that will let you get “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error fixed easily.

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Error Fix

Update Internet Explorer

The very first thing you need to do is to update your internet explorer instantly with the latest version available for your Windows OS. Once you’ve latest version installed then you won’t find any such problem that you’re facing in the previous version.

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The reason why you should keep not just Internet Explorer but every software updated is that the latest versions comes with security and performance improvements and bug fixes.

Restart your PC

Restarting your PC can be a temporary solution to the problem as sometimes problem comes because the RAM storage of your CPU is full and there is no space for new processes of Internet Explorer.

Fix for Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error

So restarting will clear the RAM storage and the Internet Explorer processes can enter into the RAM which will kill the error.


Sometimes, problem also occurs due to the Add-ons. Add-ons are the tiny software or application that can be added to the Internet Explorer to increase its functionality. But sometimes there is some problem with a particular add-on which causes the whole browser to crash.

Reset Internet Explorer

  1. Close all the tabs of Internet Explorer and restart it again.
  2. Now click on Tools option at the top right corner and select Internet Options.
  3. Now move on to the Advanced tab and then click on Reset option available there.
  4. Now again click on Reset option over there.

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This will clear all settings of your browser and reset it to new that will solve the problem you’re facing. Once the reset process is over then you need to restart your PC to save changes done.

Error Fixed

Now the error of Internet Explorer has stopped working is fixed and you can enjoy surfing web using this default browser. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends online.