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Best Karaoke Software for Mac OS X and Windows PC

Are you desperately looking for the new and best Karaoke software for Mac OS X or Windows PC? Then you are at the right place and today your search for the best Karaoke software will be over, as in this article you will find the list of top 5 Karaoke software which you can use in Mac as well as Windows 7/8/XP that will give you immense pleasure in using it.  So come let us find your favorite software among these top ten.

Who wouldn’t love to sing? Even if they are not a good singer, they would at least love to hum their favourite song when they are alone. Thus in short, there is no one in Earth, who doesn’t love to have karaoke for their lovable song. So without further due, let us get to the rest of the article and find out the top karaoke software for singers as well as for anyone having aspire to sing.

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Best karaoke Software

Top 5 Best Karaoke Software for Mac & Windows

Here are the ultimate list of the softwares that you were searching for. These tools will perfectly work with your desired platforms such as Windows or Mac. So what we are waiting for, let us explore these fun tools right now. I have researched well and so presenting these top 5 best Karaoke Software for Mac as well as Windows 7/8/XP PC.

1. OneKaraoke

This is one among the best tool to achieve your required entertainment. This application offers a lot of impressive features such as a great file type support, simple design with an attractive interface, complete media control, personal bookmarks, dual monitor support, better content management and so on.

Your computer also need not require much higher configuration to make use of this application. Well this one if my favorite and top Karaoke Software and I use it in my Mac OS X.

2. Karafun Player

This tool is the one with best features that makes you take control of advanced options like adjusting tempo, pitch etc. In addition to that it too gives options for adding many effects such as modifying the background music to your favourable one.

Although it lets you enjoy the free version, for getting access over tons of advanced features there Is a monthly subscription package available at $9.99. Some of my friends having Windows 7 OS use this cool Karaoke Software and I think if you also have Windows OS then you can give it a shot.

3. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Yet another best Karaoke Software tool for Mac OS X and Windows operating system which is from Siglos. This is one of the best software that could even be used by professionals to enhance their singing careers. It does features hundreds of exciting features that will make you amazed.

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Although there is a trial version for you to try for free, for unlimited fun you can buy this tool for $99.

Some Premium but Cool Karaoke Software list

4. Advanced Karaoke Player

This advanced tool for you is a highly rated application that has already been downloaded by thousands of users across the globe. This software too has two modes; trial version as well as full version. Trial version can be downloaded for free but has limitations in various features, but the full version is priced at $39.95.

If you are looking for some premium thing have more feature then this top most karaoke Software available for both Mac as well as Windows is must.

5. PC DJ Karaoki

This is yet another software that you must try, though this is last in my list of Top 5 Best Karaoke Software (Mac & Windows). As it offers plenty of features that are very much essential for anyone in this field, it is also recommended for those looking for a professional tool. It also has built-in song store that helps you get the desired songs right away.

List of Top Karaoke Software for Mac & Windows

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Various keyboard shortcuts assigned with this help the user operate the tool faster as well as easily. This is also available for free trying and in full version that will cost you $99.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post which was about list of top best Karaoke Software available for Mac OS as well as Windows 7/8/XP. If you faced any type of issue then please do comment and also share this post with your friends.