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Download Vuze for Mac & Windows 7/8/XP PC Free

Friends we already have covered many software on this site, today we are here with how to download Vuze for Mac as well as Windows OS. We have  covered basic introduction below.

Are you the one who used to download large amount of files through torrents? Did you ever used the Vuze torrent downloader? Then this will be a great source for you to look on. Read this article to find the easiest way to get this great piece of bittorrent client on your Windows PC or Mac or even on the Linux.

If you are already a great fan of Vuze then check out this post so that you can download Vuze on Windows 7/8/XP and Mac, then this will help you upgrade your previously installed version with the latest one offering more improved features.

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Download Vuze for Mac

Overview about Vuze for Windows & Mac OS

Vuze is one among the best torrent downloader that delivers many extraordinary features than other popular torrent downloaders. I already have downloaded Vuze on my Mac OS X and peoples from all around the world irrespective of their system platform are currently depending on this client.

No matter they use a Windows PC or a Mac or a Linux, this torrent client has its own way of delivering various impressive features across these platforms. Let us now get into the different features that this client offers you.

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Features of Vuze Mac Bittorrent Client

The Vuze is very much famous for its large variety of features that it offers to its users. These features makes it unique from all other torrent clients. One among the most noticeable feature of this client is its lightweight and the ability to keep your system away from slowing down due to the downloads. Meta search is yet another feature that will help you find your desired torrent file in just one click within the software itself.

This great torrent client also help you find your desired content through its subscription feature. This is a feature that allows you to either subscribe to a particular episode of the torrent publisher or could even help you get other related contents that you have searched for.

Other popular features included within this software is as follows:

  • Faster torrent downloads
  • Support full HD playback with no boring buffering issues
  • It does features supporting almost any video file formats that makes a good video player out from it.
  • Remotely control the client from anywhere through Vuze remote
  • Directly download subtitles for any languages for the particular video you are watching.

download vuze for windows

Download Vuze for Mac & Windows 7 OS Free

Here are some download links to download the latest version of Vuze 5.0. Click on them according to your type of platform and download the Software.

Note: As the file size is less than 100 KB, it would finish downloading within moments after clicking the download link. Run the downloaded file to successfully install the software into your system.

Note: As the above link for Windows is an online installer, the installation of the software needs additional internet connection to download the software, that size about 9 MB and install it.


Vuze is one among the best BitTorrent downloader that works smoothly across various platforms including Windows PC, Linux and Mac. As I already mentioned various features that the software delivers, you may now realize why it has been a unique client compared to other torrent downloading software.

Enjoy this cute little software along with its great performance as well as the mind blowing features that other similar software do not brings you.

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So friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you gone through the link to download Vuze for Mac as well as Windows operating system. Also if you faced any issue then please do comment and let us know. Also share this post with your friends.