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What is dwm.exe Process? Error or Virus? Remove it from Windows

Hey friend, if you often get confused about dwm.exe process then I’m here with the guide for you to remove your confusion and solve if any problem is there in your PC due to this error. Here, I have solved major questions like what is dwm.exe? If its virus? And how to easily fix, remove dwm.exe from Windows 7/8/XP.

The most popular PC operating system i.e. the Microsoft Windows comes is prone to a very common problem. Lots of users complain about the dwm.exe process whether it’s an error or virus and often get into confusion. As I mentioned in starting dwm.exe as process so one thing is clear that it’s not a virus or malware but sometimes it counts too much on the overall performance of the CPU and makes CPU working slower than usual.

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What is dwm.exe Process Remove it from Windows

What is dwm.exe Process? Is it a Error? or a Virus?

Yes, dwm.exe is a process and you may be shocked to know that it’s a process of Windows itself. The dwm.exe stands for Desktop Windows Manager and it is responsible to manage every graphics related thing going on the desktop.

I already mentioned that Desktop Windows Manager is an official system process and it manages the graphics and other user interface of desktop application of this operating system.

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Issue with dwm.exe Error

This is the question which comes in mind now that if dwm.exe is a Windows process than why it affects the performance of the CPU. You can find running status of this process in the Task Manager. I’ve attached down here a screen shot in which you can see the running dwm.exe process in my Windows 7 OS.

Now there can be two cases and I’m explaining each of them down here.

DWM.exe or Desktop Windows Manager is a process

First case

The worst condition is that when a virus enters into your system and it creates a fake process with the identical name and you don’t stop that thing as you expect it to be a system thing. This is how a virus can count on the performance of your CPU and can do the damage.

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Second case

The second case is that when you run a lot of things on your desktop and this increases the memory consumption of this dwm.exe process in the CPU.

You can check the memory consumption by checking the memory status column ahead of the dwm.exe process. Usually it is under 10MB but when more number of processes runs on your desktop then this memory consumption increases and it affects the CPU performance.

Fix or Remove dwm.exe process/error from Windows 7/8/XP/Vista?

The very first thing I want to tell you is that you don’t need to stop or remove or fix the dwm.exe process. in Windows 7/8/XP otherwise the desktop application may not work properly. In simple words, it’s not at all recommended to stop this important Windows process.

Remove dwm.exe process from Windows

But if you see that this process is taking too much memory then you need to close one or more running program from desktop and refresh. This will clean up memory the process is taking.

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Next thing you can do is keep an updated and licensed antivirus program installed on your Windows PC so that no virus or malware can enter through your Windows system files and can ruin the healthy life of your PC.

If you really want to stop this error then go into the Task manager, right click on the dwm.exe process and there you’ll find option to stop the process. But stopping it will change visual effects from your desktop.

This is how you can handle this issue or can remove dwm.exe process from Windows 7/8/XP.

So friends, this was all about the dwm.exe process. Hope your doubts are now cleared and you can now control and remove this error. Don’t forget to share the guide with your friends online.