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Samsung PC Suite Download for Windows 7/8 Computer

Today we are going to post about how to download Samsung PC Suite for your Windows 7/8/XP operating system.

Samsung is now becoming the world’s number one brand in the mobile phone industry beating Nokia and all other brands like Apple, Motorola, LG, HTC, etc. To connect and control mobile phones via computer, one needs to have Samsung PC suite download.

It is software that will allow users to connect their mobile phone with the computer and then the mobile device can be controlled easily by that software.

But they don’t call such software a PC suite rather its known as Samsung PC studio and right now its 7th version is available about which I’m going to talk here.

Samsung Software

Features of Samsung PC Suite or Samsung PC Studio 7

The features of the Samsung PC studio 7 or PC suite are all same as usual PC studio software has got. But if you still want to know the details of the exact features of PC Studio then here I go with them step by step,

  1. You can connect your mobile device with the Samsung PC studio 7 via three kind of connections, USB connection, Infra red and Bluetooth connection. In order to use Infra red and Bluetooth, your computer should also have these two data connectivity features in it.
  2. Once your device gets set up then the Samsung PC suite will start and it will automatically take you to the home screen where you’ll find bookmarks to all tools. The user interface you’ll see there will be really awesome and simple to use.
  3. You can connect to internet by making your mobile phone a modem. Don’t worry Samsung PC suite will do this on its own and you don’t have to do any big thing.
  4. You can take backup of all the files and folders stored on your device. The software even allows taking backup of contacts and SMS.
  5. File manager app is also there included within which can be used to access files and folders stored on your mobile device. You can transfer files and folders from your Computer to mobile device as well and that too with great drag and drop feature.
  6. The tool can also be used to update the software of your mobile device which is a very handy feature to have.
  7. You can install other applications in the mobile device.
  8. Samsung PC Studio 7 itself got few setting toggles which you can adjust according to your usage or requirements.
  9. The app also allows creating of wallpapers by turning images stored in your computer as the background wallpaper of your mobile phone.

How to use Samsung PC Suite

So I think these features are good enough to convince you to use the Samsung PC Studio 7. Now the next thing you’ll be looking is the link to download the software. right?

Head over to the link provided below and the Samsung PC Suite will start downloading on your Windows 7/8 computer.

Samsung PC Suite Download

I think you already know about how to install this type of software on to your Computer system, so I am not describing any such steps here.

So folks, I hope you liked this post and if you faced any type of issue then don’t hesitate to comment here, we will get you solution as soon as possible.