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Best Facebook Games Like FarmVille to Play

Facebook Games like FarmVille is the most searchable games on the internet. Are you one among those who need to explore other games which is similar to FarmVille? Then here is a nice article about such Facebook games similar to FarmVille which you will surely live to play and pass your free time.

Read this top 5 list of Best Facebook Games like FarmVille and start exploring and enjoying them.

You all may be familiar with the famous Facebook Game: FarmVille. It is a farming simulation game distributed by Facebook exclusively for its users. This Role Playing game has now crossed over millions of player from all around the world. Now there has been released various similar games that has features and Gameplay similar to that of FarmVille and available for you to play on Facebook. Other than playing same game again and again, this list of alternatives will help you go for another set of enjoyable games in a different manner. Lets now get on those lists and see what are the features, gameplay and story lines.

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Top 5 Best Facebook Games like FarmVille :

Below I have given the most awaited list of top Facebook Games similar to FarmVille which you can play and enjoy. We Have given review for each.

1. FarmVille 2

Facebook Games like Farmville

As I mentioned about the popularity of the FarmVille, this is yet another installment that brings you lot more impressive features than its predecessor. Even though this latter edition follows similar gameplay, each and every corner of it has been modified with very exciting features that will blow your mind off. If you are a great fan of FarmVille, then this is a must game to try at least once in your lifetime.

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2. CastleVille

Castleville for facebook

Yet another great production from the great publisher ‘Zynga’ is the ‘CastleVille’. Over one million players across the globe are using this Facebook app to entertain themselves. Building your own kingdom and helping your fellow followers is the main objective of this game. Creativity of a player is another important factor that the CastleVille develops for them. Exploring the new magical world with lot more things to be constructed, running various public buildings like library, ice cream parlors, opening various stores, shops etc and much more are delivered to you from this game. This is one of my favorite and one of the best Facebook Games like FarmVille and I play it most.

3. YoVille

Yoville for Facebook

Another Facebook game like Farmville is YoVille, where you can create your own character and do various activity that keeps you entertained. YoVille allows you to do more things like decorating your house, hosting parties, hanging out with friends and much more. While on the game, the important thing to always take care of is to earn coins. This is the next best game that you can play and enjoy as a Facebook user.

4.  CityVille 2

CityVille 2 - Facebook Game like Farmville

You all may have heard about another famous Facebook game, CityVille. Most of you may have also made it as your favorite game. Now like any other developers do, CityVille is also coming in its latest edition after winning millions of hearts from its predecessor. Unlike its previous installment, the CiteVille 2 delivers an impressive set of story line with a new and improved features and gameplay.

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5. FishVille

Farmville Like Facebook Game

The features of FishVille makes it another Facebook game like FarmVille that brings you a great set of options. In this game you can enjoy creating your own aquarium with built in options as well as using the custom features. Apart from a great gameplay, it do delivers best graphics and other impressive background elements that add much more attraction.

This is the list of top 5 best Facebook game like FarmVille. Hope you had got what you were looking for. For more such posts, kindly move on to our homepage and subscribe us to receive newsletters.