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Top 5 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7 in 2013

Antivirus for Windows 7 is a must thing to protect your data and information. Are you tired of your low system performance? Are you looking to provide maximum security for your computer through the best free Windows 7 Antivirus program? Then today is your day, as we are going to unveil the list of the best Antivirus to have for your Windows 7 in 2013. So find yourself the best security software for your Windows 7 that suits you best, from the given below list.

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Having Security software installed within your PC is much important in these days to remain protected from the rising threats that may affect you badly.

There are many victims who had lost their personal data, privacy etc. As the world is surrounded by hackers, spammers etc., you need to make sure that you are completely protected from their crimes.

Apart from these, the antivirus is powerful enough to provide you complete security against various dangerous viruses, malwares and so on. Let us now get back to the list of top antivirus for Windows 7.

Best Antivirus for Window 7 to Download

Below I have reviewed some of the best and long running software which you will surely love. This review is completely unbiased

Avast Free Antivirus 

Best Antivirus for Windows 7

Avast is a popular application among those security tools to protect your PC from threatening malwares and all other junk. This software delivers a lot of features including the most effective one which is the ‘Identity theft’.

Avast is one among the highly rated application that has more detection rate compared to many other similar tools. Apart from these features alone, Avast do delivers features such as filtering spams, blocking phishing scams, protect you from viruses and spyware and much more.

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Microsoft Security Essentials

microsoft security essentials

Everyone using a Windows PC must have tried this particular security software directly distributed from Microsoft.

The impressive features delivered by this Antivirus program not only includes the fast and easy download, but also act as the best tool that can filter the most threatening programs like viruses, adwares, trojans etc.

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Microsoft Security Essential that is available to you completely free of cost has yet another advantage by which it delivers real time protection for your computer. If you are looking for some tool that is developed by Microsoft itself, then this is your right choice.

BitDefender Free Antivirus

bitdefender antivirus for windows-7

The next best Software to ensure complete protection for your Windows 7 PC is the BitDefender. The most impressive feature delivered by it is the Anti-theft option by which a user can track and locate his lost device.

Other great features also includes Tune up programs, Simple interface, Parental control, Online Storage and so on. If are a BitDefender fan and would love to have this on your PC, then its a big shot for you.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Antivirus for Windows 7

Panda is another software famous for protecting your important data and information from being affected by any of the malicious programs. This tool provides you real-time protection along with internet protection through filtering Web and URL.

Even though the paid Ad free version can be subscribed at Rs 849 per year, most of the features are available within the free version itself. So this application can also be included within your list of softwares when looking for free Antivirus for Windows 7.

Avira free Antivirus

Best Windows 7 Antivirus

Avira is one among the popular Antivirus used by millions of people around the world. Like any other Antivirus programs, Avira also is capable for delivering complete protection for your computer against all the malware, viruses, trojans, worms and many other.

Apart from this basic protection, Avira even offers safe web surfing with strong privacy protection. Compared to many other security tools available, Avira is one among the best Windows 7 Antivirus to have on a Windows 7 PC.

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