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rundll32.exe Error Fix & Remove it from Windows 7/XP/Vista

Hello friends, today I’m going to introduce one guide in front of you that will guide you to fix & remove rundll32.exe error from Windows.

Windows OS has got lots of ongoing processes which helps the OS runs all the time. Rundll32.exe is one such process which is running all the time in the Windows OS. Rundll32.exe isn’t a virus or malware rather it’s a Windows OS process as I mentioned above. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and these are files stored in the OS which are used for many other processes. The rundll32.exe is the process which is suppose to execute the dll files.

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rundll32.exe Error fix & remove from Windows

Before giving you the solution to get rundll32.exe error fix guide let me first share the reason why this native Windows process is becoming problem for you.

Causes of rundll32.exe error in Windows 7/XP/Vista

The very first reason why you may be facing this error is that the dll file which rundll32.exe is trying to execute is either corrupted or got deleted somehow. This is the most common reason why this error occurs on any Windows PC.

The second reason can be presence of virus or malware. Yes, virus or any malware can damage the dll file or the rundll32.exe itself and this will result in the error which will become very annoying. In other case, virus or malware can create a fake process with similar name too.

These two are the reasons why people get error in the rundll32.exe program. Now let me take you to the guide that will help you out to fix & remove rundll32.exe error from Windows 7/XP/Vista.

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How to get rundll32.exe Error fix & remove from Windows 7/XP/Vista

As I mentioned earlier that the rundll32.exe is a Windows process and it wouldn’t be good for the operating system if you disable or remove it from being running.

But if you still want to remove it from Windows then you need to follow the below mentioned simple steps,

  • Click Start button and search for RUN, if you found it bookmarked in the start menu then run it.

Search for Run

  • Now type msconfig and hit enter, this will start the System Configuration windows in front of you.
  • Now move onto the Startup tab and there you’ll find programs installed on your system which loads up whenever the system gets start up.

MSCONFIG to solve rundll32.exe error in Windows

  • Now you need to find out which programs are using rundll32.exe process. Once you find it then uncheck the check button in front of it. If you find more similar programs then you can remove them too.
  • When you’re done removing programs then click on Apply and then OK.

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This is how you can stop a program from getting loading up in start up and using rundll32.exe program but if you still face the problem or unable to remove a program from startup then you need to search your PC for virus and malware with an updated and licensed antivirus program.

So guys, this was the guide on rundll32.exe error fix & remove it from Windows 7/XP/Vista. Hope you got your problem and confusion over. In case of Windows XP, the number of program depending on rundll32.exe will be more than Windows 7 and Vista.