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What is jucheck.exe & How to remove it from Windows 7?

Hey friends, you’re here because you’re fed up of the jucheck.exe error on Windows and you don’t know how to stop it from irritating you again and again.

When I was new to computer and got this error for the first time then I thought it was due to some virus but then I researched over it and found that it isn’t a virus rather it’s an important process, confused?

What is jucheck.exe error in Windows

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What is jucheck.exe error in Windows?

Yes, jucheck.exe error isn’t due to any virus or malware instead it’s a JAVA process. JAVA is a programming language which must be there in your computer in order to run some software and website well. JAVA is a widely used programming language to create software and applets which are processed by the web browsers.

JAVA language is used to develop web applets which are tiny programs executed by the web browsers. The advertisements or the flash content and any programming tweaks are due to these JAVA applets on the internet. That’s why JAVA is so important to be installed on your Windows PC.

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Problem with jucheck.exe program

Sometimes due to any reason, the jucheck.exe process gets corrupted which result into the error. The error is popup again and again which irritates user and hang in there in between any other work.

JAVA on Windows 7

Now the normal jucheck.exe program is there in your system so that JAVA software can check for any available update. JAVA developers releases updates to their software by fixing security bugs and improving performance and the jucheck.exe is the program responsible to check for the updates.

But due to some conflict or error or may be due to virus or malware the program gets corrupted and it becomes an error for Windows OS.

So now it’s clear to you that what is jucheck.exe error and why it originates in your Windows PC. Now I’m writing down the guide on how to remove jucheck.exe from Windows, particularly Windows 7.

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How to Remove jucheck.exe from Windows 7

Jucheck.exe error is there on your Windows 7 PC because you’ve installed JAVA and now you need to fix this error by simply stopping the JAVA to search for available updates.

You can do two things to remove jucheck.exe error from Windows 7. First method is as following,

  1. Click on the arrow button on the task bar corner and there you’ll find JAVA icon.
  2. Right click on that icon and change the setting to ‘never check for updates’.

This is how you can stop this program to look for updates.

How to Remove jucheck.exe from Windows 7

In most of the cases, the above method will solve the problem but in case it doesn’t then you need to go with second method which is as following,

  1. Uninstall JAVA from your PC.
  2. Download latest version of JAVA from official website.
  3. Install the latest downloaded version.

This is how the problem will be solved for sure.

So guys, this was all you wanted to know on what is jucheck.exe & how to remove it from Windows 7. Hope you get problem solved and don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook and Google+.