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What is jusched.exe? Virus or Error? Remove it from Windows 7

Hello friends, JAVA is an important programming language and its software (Run Time Environment) must be installed on your computer in order to run other software and website well. But due to JAVA jusched.exe error is occurred. I’m here with guide on what is jusched.exe? Virus or Error? How to remove it from Windows 7.

I’m going to first tell you that what is this program and then I’ll clear the confusion in your mind whether it’s a virus or malware and then I’ll provide you the guide for removing it from Windows 7. So come with me,

What is jusched.exe error or process

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What is jusched.exe error or process?

Jusched.exe is JAVA process which is installed on your Windows PC when you installed JAVA run time environment suite. This process is supposed to handle the automatic update procedure of JAVA.

As every software needs to be updated with the latest available version so does JAVA needs. The latest version comes with security bugs fixed and brings improvements in performance.

So this isn’t an error or virus unless it functions well and not attacked by a virus. Rather it’s a genuine process from JAVA which is responsible to bring updates of JAVA to your PC.

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Jusched.exe, Virus or Error?

As I mentioned above that jusched.exe is a JAVA process which manages the update process of JAVA program but as it’s an important process so it is easily prone to hackers.

Yes, hackers write in some virus or malware and target this process in Windows PC. Once such virus or malware get into this process then it become an error or you can also call it as a virus. This process after becoming a virus can affect the normal functioning, can even steal your data or can provide access to your computer remotely.

Jusched.exe, Virus or Error

In any case, this process after getting affected by virus or malware isn’t good for the health of your Windows PC and you definitely need to take care of it.

How to Remove jusched.exe error from Windows 7?

You can do two things to remove jusched.exe error from Windows 7. The first thing you can do is as following,

The first thing you can do is stop JAVA from looking for updates by turning the automatic update to off. In windows 7 you’ll find JAVA icon on the system icon tray on task bar. On that icon you can right click on turn off automatic update for JAVA.

How to Remove jusched.exe error from Windows 7

The above method will solve the problem but if it doesn’t then you need to uninstall JAVA completely from your Windows and then install the latest version of it.

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Installing the latest version will first close all those previous security bugs and then the program won’t look for latest version as you’ve already installed it. Alternatively you can also remove JAVA from startup by accessing MSCONFIG.

So guys, this was all about what is jusched.exe? Virus or Error? How to remove it from Windows 7. Hope this tutorial solved your problem and if not then leave the problem in comment section below. Don’t forget to share the tutorial with your friends online.