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Top 6 Evite Alternatives to Try Online

Hey friends, I’m going to tell you here the top 6 Evite alternatives to try online. Hope you’ve used Evite first and that’s why looking for some best alternatives.

These days people search a reason for celebrations and with the increasing time and the reasons to celebrate are also increasing. With the increasing use of internet, people are looking some way to send at least invitation by mails or messages. Well, with the latest Hangout app from Google, people can even celebrate on the internet by having video conversation with each other.

Top 6 Evite Alternatives to Try Online

The concept of using Evite or any other such website for sending invitation is awesome but still you may not like a single one. So here I’m with top 6 alternatives of Evite which you can try.

Top 6 Evite Alternatives to Try Online


You shouldn’t be surprised to see Facebook name on the top of the list here. The reason why its best Evite alternative is that it got all of your friend’s profiles on it and you can create a group message to notify them all together.

These days, every internet user access to his/her Facebook profile at least once a day and this opens a window that your invitation will be definitely read. You can also create event for your party.


Like Evite, you can send invitation to all of your friends online and the web app will even let you track whether they are coming or not. Once you send invitations for your party then CircleUp will create a page from where you can track how many of your friends are joining your party.

The concept is same but you may not like Evite so you can try CircleUp. According to me, Evite is still better than CircleUp in many aspects.


The first thing you’ll like about Socializr is its user interface. It’s clean, simple and elegant. These days people look to use apps for which they don’t need to read user guides and the same thing applies to Socializr.

You can put on invitations to your friends for the party you’re going to organize and the Socializr will allow you to even add videos or photos to further make your invitation look better.


With Pingg, you can either use any already available invitation card which suites the theme of your party or you can create a new one i.e. customized invitation card.

Pingg - Alternative to Evite

Pingg not just allow sending invitation to e-mail and social networks but you can also send it by postal mail service. The tracking feature is also there so that you can know whether a particular friend is coming or not.


Punchbowl not just provide invitation feature but you can even manage your party from here. It provides lots of services which are needed in a celebration and you can do all such things online.


The UI is awesome and I really liked the overall website. In future, I will be trying it for sure.

Purple Trail

Purple Trail starts with asking from you the reason for the celebration. Once you share that it’s a birthday or wedding or anything then it will show you appropriate invitation cards or solutions which you can use easily.

So friends, these were the top 6 Evite alternatives to try online. I hope you find the one you’re looking for. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends online.