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Google Zero Gravity Trick & Secret Pranks (Top 5)

Hello friends, today I’m going to share here the top 5 Google Zero Gravity tricks & secret pranks here. You can use them to amuse your friends.

The best use of Google is to use it for search engine to search for any service or content over internet and no doubt, it’s the best search engine over internet and also the biggest internet based company.

The developers around the world have found few tricks working on Google and I’m going to list the top 5 of them here.

Top 5 Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Secret Pranks

All you need to do is go to Google in your web browser and follow the steps mentioned below to access a particular trick.

Zero Gravity

All you need to do is follow the below mentioned link and then you’ll find gravity acting on Google.

Google Zero Gravity Trick

Once you’re there then you need to click anywhere on website and you’ll find everything going down, just like there is no gravity or zero.

Zero Gravity + Inversion mirror

You can experience not just zero gravity but can also experience inversion mirror thing.

Google Zero Gravity plus mirror inversion

Simply follow the link mentioned below and then you’ll find gravity and mirror inversion both activated on Google.

The best part is that you will be able to still use each of the services like search tool or any other links which are part of Google search engine.

Google Sphere

How about looking Google elements in a sphere kind of look?

Google Sphere

Go to the link mentioned below and there you’ll find elements on traditional Google search engine dancing around.

When you search for any term then you’ll find even the result dancing in the form of a sphere.

Zerg Rush

Simply search on Google search engine with the term ‘Zerg Rush’ and you’ll find the elements going down just like zero gravity.

Zerg Rush

All the ‘0’ on Google will remove the content first and then will line up in the form of two G.


Simply search on Google search engine with term ‘Tilt’ and then you’ll find a slight tilt in the result page.

This won’t give complete zero gravity feeling instead you’ll notice only a slight tilt.

Wrap up

So guys, these were the top 5 Google zero gravity trick & secret pranks. Hope you enjoyed using them and don’t forget to share these tricks with your friends online.