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Best FTP Client (Free) for Windows & Mac – The Top 3

If you know the basics of web designing and programming then you must be aware of this term called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Hello friends, I’m here with the best FTP client (free) for Windows & Mac.

FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol is a program used for transferring data from one host to another over internet. The FTP is installed at the client end and it is used to transfer files from client end to the server. FTP is responsible to manage files and folders easily. FTPs are commonly used in case of WordPress blogs particularly with the self hosted versions.

Best FTP Client (Free) for Windows & Mac

FTP offers simple user interface and tools using which users can simply transfer files from one host to another, mainly from computer to the server.

Here I start with the best FTP clients for Windows & Mac available for free. Although you can find out some clients which come with a price tag and improved features but still you can use the basic stuff with these free versions.

FileZilla FTP

This is the most popular and free FTP client available on internet which is compatible with both Windows & Mac OS. The Windows version of this FTP is amazingly simple and easy to use while the Mac version isn’t the same but still good as it’s free.

FileZilla FTP

You won’t miss any feature which you want to use or looking in your free FTP client. Everything is designed to bring simple drag and drop feature which means you need to simply drag and drop files to transfer from one host to another.

Free FTP

If you’re a programmer and knows HTML then you must know about HTML editor developed by Coffecup software group. Free FTP is also developed by the same group and it’s available for free for both Mac and Windows.

Free FTP

The UI is extremely simple and looks elegant. You can simply connect to available server with your authentication combinations and use upload and download buttons to perform appropriate file transfer tasks.

FireFTP for Firefox

The last recommended free FTP client for Windows & Mac is FireFTP which isn’t available as standalone software instead it’s a firefox add-on. Since Firefox is available as free download and support both Windows and Mac OS so this FTP also supports both and available for free.

Best FTP Client (Free) for Windows & Mac

It features SSL/TLS/SFTP support, FXP, file filter system and lots of features. You can also make use of drag and drop feature which is the simplest way of uploading any file to any host.

Wrap up

I know there are lots of other free clients available too but I prefer only these three because of their features and genuineness. So friends these three are the best FTP client (free) for Windows & Mac. Hope you got the help which you’re looking for earlier in this article so don’t forget to share it with your friends online.