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Google WebHP Redirect Virus Removal Process & Guide

Hey friends, I’m going to share a simple guide on how to remove Google WebHP Redirect Virus from your Windows PC. So come with me on to the guide down here.

Google WebHP seems like a virus but in reality it’s a malware which gets installed on a Windows computer when user installs some free software or browser add-on or plugin or extension. This malware comes bundled with free software or browser add-ons and if you don’t look at it at the time of installation then it will get on to your computer and will spoil your browsing experience.

Google WebHP Redirect Virus Removal Process & Guide

What Google WebHP Redirect Virus or Malware does?

Once this malware gets installed on your PC then it will spoil your browsing experience by opening spam search engines, changing home page of your browser to spammy websites, opening popup, disabling security wall (firewall) of your PC and a lot of things. In one line, this isn’t a good thing at all to be there on your PC so you need to remove it as soon as possible.

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Google WebHP Redirect Virus Removal Process & Guide

The process of removing this virus or malware from your Windows PC is easy but will take time. Since the issue is serious so you have to do it at any cost.

You simply follow the steps mentioned as below,

1. Uninstalling unknown apps

  1. Go to control panel and move into uninstall a program window.
  2. Now find out the programs which are unknown to you that means you didn’t installed them as they got up to here automatically. Uninstall all of them which are looking as part of malware to you.

Uninstalling unknown apps

If you suspect a particular program then check its publisher, if publisher name is known to you and you’re aware of it then this isn’t the program responsible for the virus.

This was the first step you needed to do. Now let’s move onto second one.

2. Uninstall browser add-ons or extensions

You may be either using Internet Explorer or Chrome or Firefox, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the add-on section or extension section from menu settings.
  2. Now find out which extensions or add-ons you didn’t added. Remove them immediately from your browser.

In case of Chrome, its known as extension while in case of IE and Firefox, its known as add-ons.

3. Scan for Malware

  1. Now using the updated and licensed antivirus installed on your computer, run a scan on your computer and look if there some malwares are found.
  2. Remove them using the antivirus you’re having.

Scan for Malware

Once the malwares are removed then move on to next step.

4. Scan for Virus

Now you’ve to run a complete scan or at least a memory scan on your computer using the antivirus installed. This will remove if any virus or malicious software located on your computer.

5. Install CCleaner and run it

  1. Last step you need to do is download and install CCleaner on your computer. You can go with the free version only.
  2. Run a complete scan on C drive and registry editor of your computer and fix all the issues found using the CCleaner.

You’re done!

Now you’re done with Google WebHP redirect virus removal process & guide. If the problem isn’t solved yet then leave a comment down here and I’ll solve out your problem but don’t forget to share the tutorial with your friends online.