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502 Bad Gateway Error Fix & Explanation

Hello friends, you may have experienced a HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error anywhere on internet due to which you’re here looking for 502 Bad Gateway error fix & explanation.

It may happen with you while accessing Twitter that you may return on to a 502 Bad Gateway error. This error is due to some invalid response which comes from a server in between the internet. The concept of internet is simple, files are accessed from different servers via browser and if something goes wrong in the way of accessing data then it can occur a 502 bad gateway error or you may find 502 Server Error.

Fix 502 Bad Gateway error

I’m going to write here the explanation which you need to understand this error and also all possible and best ways to fix it. So here I start the article.

502 Bad Gateway Error Explanations

As I mentioned above that this error is occurred if anything goes wrong while data is accessed from a server to a computer. Consider a case that you’re accessing any website like Twitter or Facebook.

When you write in the URL and hit enter then HTTP sends request to get data stored on a particular server which is shown to user via web browser. The language in which files are stored can be encoded only by a web browser. HTML is one such popular language.

502 Bad Gateway Error Explanations

The error can occur due to any problem like if server gets down or if the bandwidth of the server exceed beyond the limit. There can be few more reasons which depend on particular cases.

So this was the explanation of why this error happens. Now let me write down the method to fix this error.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway error

There is not a single way of fixing this error because as a user you can’t fix the server errors so the things you can do to try and fix this error are as following,

Cleaning stuff

  1. Try reloading – this is the first thing which you can do. Once you refresh or reload the webpage on which you got this error then the error can be fixed.
  2. Restart browser – next thing you can do is restart your browser. Once your browser is restarted then you’ll find the problem solved.
  3. Cleaning stuff – If the problem still remains then you need to clear the cache and cookies from your browser. To do so, you need to check settings of your web browser and then go to history and move into clearing of history, cookies and cache.
  4. Restart PC – last thing you can do is restart your PC completely which will clear if there is any error in your system. Once you restart your PC then you’ll find the problem solved.
  5. Wait – this is the last thing which you can do. If the website is still not working then you’ve to wait till the server gets up.

So these five things which you can try to get 502 Bad Gateway error fixed. The worst part of this is that you can’t fix it instead you can only try few things at your end. If problem is from your end then it will get solved unless you can’t do nothing else then waiting.