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WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android) Download

WhatsApp is the most popular and one of the best free messaging app. Friends I’m here with a tutorial on how to get WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android) download for free.

You may have use WhatsApp earlier and you will be aware of all the features and facts of WhatsApp. It’s a free messaging app developed by the WhatsApp Inc which allows users to send unlimited text and voice calls by using internet data volume. Yes, while using WhatsApp you don’t need to recharge your cellular account with any message card rather the app will use your data recharge.

WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android) Download

While there are lots of benefits of using WhatsApp there is one issue with the app. You’ve to download it from GooglePlay which is the official Android app store. But I’m going to provide the APK download link to you from where you can download the app on your computer, and then transfer to your smartphone which can be installed anytime when you want without need of downloading. This will help you in saving your smartphone data volume.

Starting with the guide here I’m going to provide you information regarding facts and features of WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK for Android which will help you to know all the features of the app but if you already aware of them then you can skip this part and move directly on to the download section.

Facts and Features of WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android)

WhatsApp allows sending of unlimited texts to any number which is using WhatsApp app, sending of these texts is free and unlimited which means users don’t have to pay anything to the cellular provider.

The only require thing for WhatsApp is data connection which may be through your cellular connection or from Wi-Fi. All the texts and other services by WhatsApp use any of these available data connection.

With texts, users are allowed to send files like pictures, videos as well.

Users are even allowed to send voice notes which mean you can record any message in voice and then send it over via WhatsApp. This is another way you can save money.

Features of WhatsApp 2.11.12

You can create groups and add your friends over there. This is how you can keep your college or school or work friends together. You can do unlimited texts and file sharing with the group.

You can send these free texts and files anywhere around the world. You don’t have to pay any extra charge for international standards.

The best feature is that you don’t have to login or logout to use the app. It will be setup once and live forever unless uninstalled. It will scan all your contacts and the friends registered on WhatsApp will automatically get added in the app and with these contacts you can use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android) Download

This isn’t the latest version of WhatsApp but it’s the most stable and popular one, that’s why I’m providing you this version. You can download it by following the below link.

Free Download WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK (Android)

This is how you can get WhatsApp 2.11.12 APK downloaded on your computer and later transfer and install it on any of your Android smartphone.