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Angry Birds APK (Android) Download (Latest)

Angry Birds is the most popular Android game ever and its popularity is still maintained. This simple game saved its developing company, Rovio from getting completely over. You can get the Angry Birds APK (Android) download (latest) version for free and the guide you need to read to do that is here.

Angry Birds is available for free at the GooglePlay store but from there you need to download the app for which you either need the cellular data connection or the Wi-Fi connection. If you’re not having Wi-Fi connection at your home or office then the game download will cost you on your cellular data plan. In order to save your data plan you can download Angry Birds APK for Android on your computer using my guide here and then later install it on your smartphone by first transferring the APK file to the storage of your device from PC and then starting the installation by simply tapping on that.

Angry Birds for Android

This is how you can save the data volume and you can also keep the app installation file with you forever. You can even share the APK file with your friend having Android smartphone.

Facts and Features of Angry Birds APK (Android) Download (Latest)

Before starting the APK of Angry Birds of latest version I’m going to share what all features this game and current version having.

  • Angry Birds is a popular game developed for touch based smartphones and tablets by Rovio game developing company. It’s a challenging physics based game in which users have to solve puzzles with the birds and power of birds they are provided.
  • The concept of the game is simple. You’re provided the control of birds who are angry because their eggs are stolen by the pigs. Now you need to use these angry birds to first destroy the defense of those pigs and then kill them to get your eggs back at the end of a particular level. Each level and sub level consists of new defense in which new or different logic needs to be applied. The game is like a puzzle solving game but the concept is very different from any such traditional puzzle solving game.

Download Angry Birds APK for Android

  • The game is available for free but there are certain features among the game which needs to be purchased. For an example, an Eagle Bird is there which needs to be purchased once. It can use once in an hour to destroy the defense of the bad pigs.
  • In the latest version, you’ll find new levels to be solved and each new level has got increase in level of logic which will need a new plan to destroy the defense.

So these were few features and facts of the game. You definitely need to play it on your Android smartphone and I’m sure you’ll definitely love it.

Features of Angry Birds APK (Android)

Download Angry Birds APK for Android (Latest Version)

As I promised in starting that I’ll be providing you the installation file i.e. APK of Angry Birds for Android (Latest Version) so here I’m mentioning the link which you can use.

Angry Birds APK for Android free Download

So friends, hope the game get install on your smartphone without any troubles. If you find any problem then leave it in the comment section below.