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Facebook APK for Android Download

Everyone is on Facebook who uses internet either from PC or from mobile device and Facebook app is available for those devices. Most popular devices are the Android devices and you can get Facebook APK for Android download for free.

One new website which became world’s iconic one is the Facebook which isn’t new now. There are billions of users of Facebook around the world and the simple website has helped its developer Mark Zuckerberg as a big company owner which is registered as Facebook Inc.

Facebook APK for Android Download

I’m here with the guide on how to get Facebook APK for Android download and I’ll also share some important facts and features provided by this free Facebook app for Android.

At the end of this guide you’ll find source using which you can get the installation APK file which you can download on your computer and then use it to install the app on any of your Android smartphone. You can even give this installation APK file to your friend by sharing and he/she can also use the same for installation purpose.

Features of Facebook APK for Android (Latest Version)

Facebook is the world’s most popular and best social networking website which got billions of users. You can use it to stay connected with all of your friends over internet and its Android app provides following features.

Features of Facebook APK for Android

  • The Facebook app for Android is pretty stable and bug free app using which users can access their Facebook account. The UI of the app is very simple and elegant too so that users find using the app extremely simple and also the user experience is well maintained.
  • Facebook offers Timeline and NewsFeed features on its desktop website which are the two main elements of it. Both the elements are provided in this Android app too. This means users can access their Timeline and NewsFeed easily.
  • A simple search tool is also there using which users can search for people, page, groups and many other things on Facebook.
  • Facebook provides simple and unlimited free texts among users and the same conversation is provided in the app too. The conversation which you started on your PC earlier will be automatically sync with the conversation on this app. Not even conversation every feature and thing related to your Facebook account is automatically sync so that your profile is updated while you’re accessing it on any device.
  • If any of your friends does anything which comes in your importance area then Facebook will notify you for that using its notification feature.
  • You can simply capture photos ore record videos from your Android smartphone and can easily share it with your Facebook friends using this app.
  • This app needs data and it can work on both your cellular data and Wi-Fi data.
  • You can even play your favorite Facebook game on your Android smartphone using this app.

Facebook Chat on Android

Free Download Facebook APK for Android (Latest Version)

As I said in starting that at the end I’ll provide source using which you can download Facebook APK for Android for free so here I’m with that.

Facebook APK for Android Free Download

So friends this was the simple guide. Don’t forget to share this way of installing Facebook android apps with your friends.