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Skype APK for Android Download (Latest)

Skype has been there since years providing feature to make unlimited free calls and send text messages to Skype users for free and to even phone numbers by paying a marginal voice charge. Here I’m with guide on how to get Skype APK for Android download (latest version) for free.

Skype is available for free over Android and any other popular platform. Skype is owned by Microsoft and thus a Microsoft product which simply reflects the quality of the app. The app is very light in size which means it won’t cost too much on the processor and battery life of your smartphone. It’s even available for Android tablets.

Skype APK for Android Download

I’m sharing first the features of Skype and then the download link from where you can get the APK of Skype for free.

Features of Skype APK for Android Download

Before apps like WhatsApp, people were crazy about Skype and this reflects the number of users still Skype got with it. Here are its most important features.

  • You can do unlimited voice calls and send text messages with your Skype friends. If any of your friend isn’t on Skype then ask him to create a free account on it and then you both will be able to make free voice calls and unlimited texts. If your friend isn’t available at a time online on Skype then you can call his/her phone number but you’ll be charged for this feature.
  • The quality of voice calls and messages are top notch which means you’ll be able to make your conversation anytime you want and that too with quality. You won’t hear any noise while calling and call won’t drop until your internet works well.
  • The cost Skype charges for international calling is very cheap than any other cellular network provider package. This means if you want to do an international call then using Skype will save you a lot of money.

Features of Skype

  • The best thing about Skype is that it’s available for computer, laptop, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and every popular operating system. This simply means that chance of having your friends over Skype is great.
  • Skype allows file, photo and video sharing over conversations. This feature works instantly and again it’s a free feature to use for every Skype users.
  • You can also make video calls for free with any Skype users. This further increases the popularity of the Skype users.
  • In case of smartphones, the app works on cellular data and even on Wi-Fi. If you want to use this app on your computer then it will work with any of your internet data connection.

Skype for Android Download

Skype APK for Android Download (Latest)

You can download Skype APK for Android free from here and that too of the latest version. You can use this APK file to download the app on your computer and then install it on your Android smartphone; it will save your data plan of your mobile phone.

Free Download Skype APK for Android

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