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How to Add Dislike & Middle Finger Emoticon in Facebook Chat

Are you bored with some random emoticon in Facebook chat? Do you want to make your Facebook conversation thrilling with more interesting emoticon? Then here is a nice article about two other emoticon that will make your chat even more exciting. Continue reading this post and at the end I will be giving you the codes for Dislike and Middle finger emoticon that you can use within your Facebook chat.

As we know, Facebook chat is one among the best way of communicating with friends due to the number of emoticon that they delivers to make your conversation alive. Some months ago we have also come across the ‘like’ smiley by typing (Y).  There are various other strange emoticon codes accepted within Facebook Chat, comments and even status updates like Gangam style, poop, Rock emoticon and so on.

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facebook dislike code

As these kind of smileys  is considered to be the most essential factor in the completion of conversations in the online world, people started depending on these kind of short smileys or icons to express their feeling that cannot be done through just words.

Even though the various other emoticon can also be used in timeline messages and in the comment sections, the middle finger as well as the dislike emoticon for Facebook can only be used within Facebook chat. Now the middle finger emoticon and the dislike emoticon are the trending icons in the online world, as it brings you more fun and could express yourself what you feel.

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middle finger for Facebook

Easily Add Dislike & Middle Finder Emoticons in FB Chat

Let us now go through deep and find out how to insert Middle Finger and Dislike Emoticon in Facebook Chat. So the following steps will clearly show you how to inert these icons within your conversion to make it more funny.

Step 1: Click on your friend’s name in the chat box to start a conversion with him/her.

Step 2: When you seem the conversation need to be more than words can explain, add the below emoticon codes for adding your desired icon.

Middle Finger and Dislike for Facebook

Emoticon code for Middle Finger-  [[midfing]]

Emoticon code for Dislike-  [[iidislyk]]

Step 3: Once you paste the above codes, it is time to show him/her what you feels. Hit enter and let him see your secret weapon. I am pretty sure that your friend will be very surprised about your new and trending emoticon.

Step 4: That’s all! Now enjoy surprising each and every friends and make your conversation even more colorful than before.

As I mentioned earlier, there are limitations for these smileys which are being halted from posting in comment section as well as other timeline posts. Even though it is like that, we could enjoy within our Facebook chat and make it more enjoyable as well as memorable.

Thus here finish my post about adding/inserting Facebook dislike and Middle finger emoticon. Hope you all loved this article, kindly share with your friends and let us know your feedback through the comment section below. For more similar posts, subscribe us to receive newsletters.