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Top 6 Antivirus for iPhone in 2013

Hey friends, I know that you’re having an iPhone with you and that’s why you’re searching for the antivirus. I’m here with the list and review of top 6 antivirus for iPhone in 2013.

When it comes to digital world then smartphones are making their big presence for users and also for the hackers. There are lots of security bugs, virus and mostly malwares out in the smartphone world and as iPhone is the best smartphone so hackers target it mostly. This is the why you should have an antivirus app installed and activated on your iPhone.

You’ve to install only single one on your iPhone and you can choose the one best for you from the list mentioned below. I’m not only listing the names of the top 6 antivirus for iPhone in 2013 but also reviewing them so that you can know little bit about them before installing.

Top 6 Antivirus for iPhone in 2013

I’m starting with the top 6 best antivirus down here one by one. The one mentioned on top is best than the one mentioned below it.

Lookout Mobile Security

One of the favorite and best Antivirus available for free not only for iPhone but also for Android smartphones. It runs on behind the normal process and continuously scans for viruses and malwares or any other infections.

Best Antivirus for iPhone in 2013

It scans the storage and also provides protection from internet or e-mail usage. When you connect to an unprotected Wi-Fi then it will provide you a notification regarding that.

In case you lost your iPhone then you can track it remotely and this feature is the one which is making this app very popular.


Norton is a well known name in the antivirus industry and it’s available for free. The app provides complete security features and also provide feature to find your lost iPhone.

The app is not just available for iPhone but also supports the iPad. In case you lost your iPhone then you can put on an alarm which will make your device ring louder that it’s lost. If someone nearer hear that sound then chances are there that he/she returns your device.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

Another free and most popular antivirus for iPhone in 2013, the app not only protects the device completely but also provides news regarding latest security bugs or malwares found for the iPhones.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

You can also listen to the Podcasts and keep yourself updated with latest vulnerabilities going on otherwise you can stay on to your work and the app will protect your device.


This app is available for Mac and PC as well and it provides almost complete protection to the iPhone from virus, malwares and other kinds of infections.

This isn’t a free app and costs approx $1 but it’s worth of its price tag. If you’re looking for some paid app then this one is recommended.

Anti-Virus Detective

As the name suggests it detects virus, malwares and any other kind of infections on your iPhone and provides protection from them.

Anti-Virus Detective

This is next recommended paid app which works great and also don’t count on performance and battery life too much.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This isn’t popular as above mentioned antivirus but its features are worth and since past few years, it’s doing well in providing protection to the internet or smartphone users.

The app is available for completely free and you can try it without thinking twice.

Wrap up

So these were the top 6 Antivirus for iPhone in 2013 which you can use. Hope you find the one you’re looking for your favorite iPhone. Don’t forget to share the guide with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.