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Download Stay Alight for PC and play for free [Tutorial]

There have been a lot games available on the Google play store which comes with a concept. I’m here with one such popular game available for free on the Google play store which is based on a unique story and game play concept.

Hello friends, today I’m here with a very popular and new game for you named Stay Alight. You can get it for your Android device from Google play store but I’ll share a simple tutorial using which you can download Stay Alight for PC and play for free.

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Stay Alight Android game

Features of Stay Alight Android game

Before starting with the tutorial let me share the features of this game and the reason I mark it as most popular and best game for Android devices.

The most important feature in this game which I personally liked is that the game play and concept is extremely unique. The game play is somewhat similar to Angry Birds but still it’s extremely different from that.

You’re a bulb, yes an electric bulb and you need to clear the world around you which had got polluted. Due to a lot of pollution there are lots of microbes which are all around you and you need to kill them all. This is how you’ll move up in levels and you can win different challenges.

In the game, you’re an electric bulb and you need to use your electric power to kill microbes around you. The power which you’ll fire on microbes will go in a projectile motion so you need to apply the right physics and logic in order to kill more microbes with lesser power.

download Stay Alight for PC

While you move up in the game then you’ll find your friends in the game too who are captured by the microbes. You need to help them out and save them from microbes from getting dead.

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The graphics of the game are superb and I can bet that you’re definitely going to get addicted with the game due to them. The physics, logic and game play are crucial things of this game but graphics can really lighten you up. If your device or PC supports high definition resolution then you’re definitely going to love this game and you’re going to play it for hours.

While playing the game, killing microbes and saving friends you also need to collect rewards which will let you move up in levels. There are over 50 high definition levels which you need to solve and developers are working on more levels day by day.

How to Download Stay Alight for PC

You need to follow below mentioned steps to download Stay Alight for PC.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks.
  2. Now run BlueStacks and use its search tool to locate Stay Alight game.
  3. Now start the installation when you found the game.

That’s it! This is how you can download Stay Alight for PC and play it for free.